Canada bans Boeing 737 Max 8 planes from airspace

Norwegian Air Shuttle to demand Boeing pay for grounding of planes

Norwegian Air Shuttle to demand Boeing pay for grounding of planes

The United States has not issued a ban for the aircraft.

It was a rare moment when Canadian authorities chose to move without the Americans going first, one expert said, despite protestations from U.S. President Donald Trump that the two sides co-ordinated announcements that came several hours apart. US authorities were informed the same day that Canada was taking action.

Earlier, the USA pilots already expressed their safety concerns about flying Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft as they complained that the jets' autopilot sometimes prompted them to nosedive and lose altitude. October's crash in Indonesia killed 189 people. If this happened it would send the plane into a dive.

"And if it is confirmed that a particular problem say for instance, landing gear, they will issue an instruction to ground such plane worldwide until the problem is fix".

Flight deck of a modern airliner at night (Boeing 737-800 Next Generation).

"The pilot reported flight control problems and requested to turn back". In the notice, Boeing warned pilots that the plane's Angle of Attack (AoA) sensors could give off erroneous readings. He angled his hand to demonstrate a plane climbing into the sky.

He said: "Regarding Air Peace and Arik orders, whether those orders were confirmed or intent, it is to our knowledge in the ministry that they won't be in the country until the next two years or so". Should these planes be grounded?

Investigators are looking at an automated anti-stall system on the jets that causes the aircraft's nose to turn down.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 was the second deadly crash of the same new plane type within five months. One captain called the flight manual "inadequate and nearly criminally insufficient".

"Big families, a lot of people and the full Israeli nation is waiting for these remains, and we will not go out of Ethiopia until we find the remains to bury them", Biton said.

Others were academics or humanitarians like Pius Adesanmi, a professor who worked at the Institute of African Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa.

The Max jets are likely to be idle for weeks while Boeing tries to assure regulators around the world that the planes are safe. "The investigation team will decide where", the spokesman told Reuters.

Jason Scarrotts, a father of two young children, said he was on the phone with Air Canada for 90 minutes before speaking with an agent to rebook their Max 8 flight from Vancouver to Palm Springs, only to be disconnected.

Commenting on the situation regarding the aircraft model, Boeing stated that the company is confident in the 737 MAX 8.

Garneau said satellite tracking data received overnight suggests possible "similarities" between the Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air crashes.

The increasingly alone in defending the American-made jets since the Federal Aviation Administration deemed the 737 Max to be "airworthy" earlier this week. A total of 18 Canadians were killed in the latest crash. They are working very, very hard right now.

Editor's note: This story was updated several times on March 13, 2019, most recently at 5:45 p.m. The plane's passengers included nine Ethiopians, in addition to Ethiopian crew.

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