Greens again encourage students to skip school to protest

Liam wrote a letter to his school principal asking for his support

Liam wrote a letter to his school principal asking for his support. Ten Little Pieces

Even though the youth might not be in power, BHS junior Wyatt Rollins is glad that young people are leading the climate movement.

How did the climate strikes start?

The 16-year-old's one girl school walkouts and sit ins outside the Swedish parliament in Stockholm from last August onwards have since spawned a global movement. An account that is tracking the planned actions shows rallies are planned across the world.

LOCAL students are urging fellow peers to cut class on Friday as part of the controversial climate change strike taking place in cities and towns nationwide.

"We recognise our role as a union in pushing for faster action on climate change".

Friday's protest, however, is the first global one, with students around the world expected to take part.

Rollins admires the people who will strike but expects some students to use the day as an excuse to skip school.

Students in more than 90 countries and more than 1,200 cities around the world plan to join the strike in what could be one of the largest environmental protests in history.

When asked if she would encourage students to strike on Friday, Ms Ardern said she would like to hear their view "on what they would want to do".

Liam Thomalla has hand-painted signs to use in the Sunshine Coast School Strike 4 Climate on Friday
Liam Thomalla has hand-painted signs to use in the Sunshine Coast School Strike 4 Climate on Friday. Ten Little Pieces

More than 1200 members of Finnish the scientific community have pledged their support to the student strike movement aiming to raise awareness of climate change.

In the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister condemned the climate strike as wasteful of teachers' time.

Dr Ratnam said the protests were held during school time, not at the weekend, because of the precedent set by Greta Thunberg.

Isra Hirsi, daughter of freshman Representative, Ilhan Omar (D-MN), is one of the young leaders of the behind US climate strikes, but she also expressed concern about the movement's lack of intersectionality- in other words its lack of recognition and inclusion of climate leaders from many different, overlapping and often disadvantaged, demographic groups.

Young climate activists are hoping to spark a widespread dialogue about climate change, following in the footsteps of their peers in Parkland, Florida, who led a national conversation about gun control after a mass shooting at their school.

What are the students asking for?

How involved were you with the climate strike that happened at the end of previous year? That same month, an Australian education minister warned students and teachers that they would be punished if they went on strike during school hours. We, the youth of the world, are putting pressure on our government officials to take the necessary steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero, thus ensuring a habitable planet sustainable future for generations to come, they stated.

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