European Union says United Kingdom must decide next Brexit steps

EU says UK must decide next Brexit steps

'It's time to revoke Article 50 and call off Brexit'

The Prime Minister's Brexit deal was rejected by MPs by an overwhelming majority for a second time last night.

After the voting, Mrs May said that MPs will vote on Thursday on an extension to Article 50, which could involve a short delay to implement a deal agreed in the next few days or a longer delay if no agreement is reached.

Mr Zeichner slammed the government for "recklessly wasting yet more time in order to force a false binary choice" over Brexit.

'In practical terms the only way no deal can be stopped is by revoking Article 50 or agreeing a deal.

The PM had made a last-minute plea to MPs to back her deal after she had secured legal assurances on the Irish backstop - the insurance policy to stop a hard border on the island of Ireland - from the European Union during late-night talks in Strasbourg on Monday.

'This means doing what the Prime Minister failed to do two years ago in searching for a consensus on the way forward, ' he said.

'We can not continue to behave like this as a government, ' he said.

In January, May's Brexit plan was rejected by the MPs with a 230-vote margin.

Ireland and the 26 other European Union states would also need to agree unanimously to any extension to the Brexit negotiation process.

Ms Allen acknowledged that the situation is very worrying for constituents.

Other ministers believe genuinely, still with around two weeks to go, and an European Union summit next week, there is still time to try to manoeuvre her deal through - somehow.

Labour has also said it won't vote for May's deal, as Jeremy Corbyn accused the government of trying to "fool" its own backbenchers - and the British people.

"She's certainly terrified of the people in the country".

"Just like the referendum there are strongly held and equally legitimate views on both sides".

To the amusement of the House, Mr Starmer replied: "I don't gamble".

Speaking after the vote, Eastern region Labour MEP Alex Mayer said: "Not a single sentence, word or comma changed in the withdrawal agreement text since the last time Theresa May put the deal to Parliament".

Wednesday's no-deal debate will begin after Prime Minister's Questions and Chancellor Philip Hammond's Spring Statement economic update. It makes us a rule taker, not a rule maker.

The former Tory chairman told the Commons that Mrs May's motion offered a greater opportunity than hers for obtaining a "really large majority" against a no-deal Brexit. But what a mess.

Many MPs had been waiting to see whether Geoffrey Cox, the attorney general, would conclude the revised agreement would allow the United Kingdom to unilaterally exit the backstop - a key sticking point in the negotiations.

Downing Street said it had no intention of holding an election.

He called for no deal to be taken off the table, and says the Labour Party's proposal is the suitable alternative.

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