United States warns Germany that using Huawei tech will come at a cost

US warns Germany a Huawei deal could hurt intelligence sharing

US warns Germany a Huawei deal could hurt intelligence sharing

US officials declined to say whether other countries have received or would receive similar warnings.

Also on rt.com USA advises Italy to steer clear of China's new Silk Road... because it's a National Security issue? Yet its technology is widely deployed by a number of small, federally-subsidized wireless carriers that buy cheaper Chinese-made hardware to place atop their cell towers. Just last week, the Italian government received a rebuke from a senior United States security official for saying it would discuss with Beijing possible participation in China's Belt and Road Initiative - a major infrastructure project meant to improve links between the country and its major suppliers and markets.

The Chinese telecoms behemoth has strenuously denied the espionage allegations.

Altmaier told a television talk show on Thursday that Germany did not want to ban Huawei but would change its laws to ensure all components used in the 5G networks are secure.

Germany's Ministry of Economics confirmed it had received a letter from the USA and that it would soon respond. "There will be a quick reply".

While some allies including NewZealand have succumbed to pressures from Washington, countries like Germany have refused to followed suit and has rolled out new conditions which must be met if the Chinese firm must take part in the 5G mobile network rollout.

Tensions have also run high over the detention of Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou, who is facing possible extradition to the US on allegations she committed financial fraud in the course of allegedly violating worldwide sanctions on Iran.

Last week, Huawei filed a lawsuit against the us for restricting its agencies from the use of Huawei products, saying a law signed by President Donald Trump in August 2018 that barred it and fellow Chinese company ZTE from use in government work is unconstitutional.

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