Marquese Chriss somehow suspended one game after being attacked by Serge Ibaka

Ibaka x Chriss

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The Toronto Raptors' Serge Ibaka and Cleveland Cavaliers' Marquese Chriss have both been suspended as a result of the fight that took place during the third quarter of Cleveland's 126-101 victory Monday night.

Chriss and Raptors forward Serge Ibaka were ejected late in the third quarter as Cleveland hosted Toronto.

Ibaka shoved Chriss from behind and grabbed near his neck before throwing a punch. What ensued were the two players throwing haymakers at one another - none of them actually connected - until Ibaka walked away and both players were separated by their fellow players.

Earlier in the game, Ibaka hit the court hard in the second quarter after being fouled by Chriss after a rebound.

Both players should have maintained their composure, but Drew is right.'s Chris Fedor added that "The theory privately held inside the Cavaliers' locker room: Years of frustration and a mountain of playoff losses against Cleveland spilled over, causing Ibaka to snap".

Toronto rolled to a 125-104 win over the Heat without Leonard, tying a franchise record with 21 3-pointers and outscoring Miami 63-24 from beyond the arc.

The Raptors, showing signs of being exhausted in their third straight road game, struggled throughout the contest. Clearly, Ibaka was getting the better of the younger Chriss. Feeling disrespected, Ibaka got up and went straight at Chriss, gripping his throat with an outstretched hand and pushing him into the stanchion.

Neither Ibaka nor Chriss spoke with the media after Monday's game, but Raptors Coach Nick Nurse said, "Listen, it's always going to be concerning when something like that happens".

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