Trump Budget Would Slash Medicaid by $1.1 Trillion


Trump to seek another US$8.6b for border wall

U.S. President Donald Trump will seek 8.6 billion U.S. dollars in fresh funding for a wall on the U.S. -Mexico border in the 2020 budget request, likely triggering another fight with Congress, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Sunday. "The same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again", the statement continued.

'We hope they have an interest in maintaining and getting rid of the deficit, ' Vought said on CNBC. Trump's plan to boost the Pentagon's budget, to spend $8.6 billion on his much-promised border wall, and to extend the 2017 personal income tax cuts (which are scheduled to sunset in 2025) are attempts to play to his Republican base while the 2020 election is looming.

To get around the caps set on defense spending by the 2011 Budget Control Act, the Trump administration proposes funneling the money through the Overseas Contingency Operations fund, more traditionally used for emergencies.

Trump said he's "stopping an invasion" of the Twitter comments Saturday directed at conservative commentator Ann Coulter, whose criticism reportedly helped inspire his decision to hunker down for a record-long shutdown.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who resisted the White House's efforts to incorporate the $5.2 billion wall request into the 2019 budget, was none to impressed with the proposal, according to USA Today.

Trump lost the first round in his battle with Congress over wall construction money, with lawmakers rejecting any appropriation for the wall, while offering almost $1.4 billion in money for barriers. The administration proposed steep cuts in aid to Latin America and the Caribbean in its very first budget - ranging from 20 to 40 per cent for most countries - but Congress rejected the plan, keeping funding relatively stable compared to previous years. A number of Senate Republicans have said they oppose Trump moving unilaterally to move money without congressional approval and they are expected to pass a disapproval vote in the coming days.

"The budget sustains deployed missile defense assets, improves system reliability against today's threats, increases engagement capability and capacity, and makes strides to rapidly address the advanced threat", the White House announcement states. The House has already voted to revoke the emergency, and the Senate is likely to do the same this week.

But if budget talks bog down later this year amid a fight over border wall funding, it could force lawmakers to rethink this timeline and their entire approach.

White House officials say there are already 196km of barriers that have been completed or are under construction.

"He's going to stay with his wall, and he's going to stay with the border security theme", Kudlow said on Fox News Sunday. Lawmakers have previously rebuffed Trump's calls to cut funding for federal environmental and transportation programs - just as they ignored many of President Barack Obama's spending priorities.

The administration has not estimated how far the 2019 funds will go, but officials said average costs are about $25 million per mile (1.6 km). "I think it's essential".

The budget calls for new work requirements for federally funded welfare programs, including Medicaid.

In its proposal, the White House is calling for a cut to the overall level of non-defence spending by 5 per cent next year below current federal spending caps, a almost $USD30 billion reduction.

While domestic spending will see a cut in spending, defense spending in President Trump's budget has been increased by five percent. "And the White House is the wild card", he said. With Pentagon officials and private researchers talking up the supposed threat of China and Russian Federation, the budget promises to fund "strategic competition" with the two burgeoning superpowers, as well as efforts to deter North Korea and Iran and counter worldwide terrorism.

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