Lavalin loses court bid for special agreement to avoid criminal prosecution

Justin Trudeau shares a new version of what happened at his September 2018 meeting with Jody Wilson-Raybould

PM acknowledges 'erosion of trust' between office and Jody Wilson-Raybould

"And when there's an erosion of trust within the people involved, it further complicates what is already a hard decision for the attorney general". And a prime minister has to remove them if they aren't playing ball.

The Federal Court of Canada on Friday dismissed a request by SNC-Lavalin to review a federal prosecutor's decision declining to settle criminal charges against the company out of court.

Wilson-Raybould also tabled a bill to repeal the Criminal Code prohibition against sodomy, which effectively lowers the age of consent for anal sex from 18 to 16, as part of the Liberal government's reparation for alleged past mistreatment of homosexual persons.

She also suggested jobs at the Quebec company would be more affected by Alberta's economy than the outcome of any criminal prosecution the company is facing. I personally don't remember believing anything that man has ever said, but whatever the actual number it is pretty significant.

It is not clear whether 9,000 jobs are actually in danger.

Last month, Wilson-Raybould told the House of Commons Justice Committee that she came under relentless pressure from the Prime Minister's Office and other federal officials to ensure the company was invited to negotiate a remediation agreement.

"It's one thing for the government to give different tools to our court system, that happens all the time ... but then we let the course of justice run its course and we don't interfere".

Wilson-Raybould testified that pressure on her to grant SNC-Lavalin's request took the form of 10 meetings with 11 individuals, including Trudeau, Butts, chief of staff Katie Telford, staffers of Finance Minister Bill Morneau, and top civil servant Michael Wernick.

Trudeau, who did not apologize and maintained that there was no inappropriate pressure applied to Wilson-Raybould, said he directed his staff members to engage Wilson-Raybould on the SNC-Lavalin matter and conceded he should have reached out personally.

"Yes, I mentioned I was the member from Papineau", Trudeau said. I seem to have missed any acknowledgement that if Trudeau hadn't pushed hard and taken a lot of flak over the legalization of pot in Canada there wouldn't be a new business coming to The Hat.

"We have fixed election law on the books and I don't think those should be manipulated for political purposes", he said Monday.

What is unfolding started as a legal matter, but has grown, over a period of a month, into a multifaceted political crisis that touches on a range of issues that are sensitive for Trudeau, from gender and indigenous affairs, to corporate influence and Quebec.

"We considered that she was still open to hearing different arguments and different approaches on what her decision could be", Mr Trudeau said. "And she said that she would". Not long after, Wilson-Raybould resigned from her cabinet post. In Butts' view a prime minister and his personal entourage should be almost all-powerful. "As we look back over the past few weeks, there are many lessons to be learned", he said.

She said Wernick spoke to her deputy and said she could speak to the director, but she responded "no I would not".

Absent testimony from Wilson-Raybould, the scandal grew.

Trudeau acknowledged that during a face-to-face meeting with Wilson-Raybould on September 17, she told him she'd made up her mind not to intervene with the public prosecutor's decision.

He added that Notley and Moe may be using the SNC-Lavalin affair to play to their bases, and this may especially be the case for Alberta due to the upcoming election.

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