Captain Marvel Shows How The Avengers Began

Brie Larson in Captain Marvel

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Jackson, who plays Nick Fury, seemingly spilled the beans by saying Brie Larson's character *could* travel through time, and now he's walked that back completely, saying he "made up" those Captain Marvel powers. "That's what this is all about".

With this realisation comes a barrage of random memories of her previous life, quite a few of which feature Annette Bening, playing her old squadron leader. While it elicited the obligatory "awwwwww's" from the assembled cast, journalists and bloggers, it also fit nicely into what seems to be the dominant conversation about Marvel's latest cinematic outing.

Captain Marvel takes it for granted that women can be tough and take charge. Brie Larson was a poor choice for the lead.

Rotten Tomatoes recently amended their system to bar the general public from leaving reviews before the film is released. Larson also kicked off promotion by complaining about movie critics being "overwhelmingly white male". Another detail revealed in the post-credits is that Captain Marvel is now wearing a slightly different costume, which includes some new gold shoulder pads and an altered logo at the center of her chest. She goes to visit her mentor/trainer Yon-Rogg (a buffed and polished Jude Law) and asks if he wants to fight, since she can't sleep. So she was delighted with what she saw as nuance and flaws in the character.

As with its past blockbusters, Marvel opted to give this unwieldy mega-budgeted behemoth to indie directors who are untested working with movies on this scale. Instead of high-intensity action that sets up Captain Marvel as the female hero we've all been waiting for, we are treated to several awfully sad stories from various characters. All that shape-shifting makes it hard to identify the enemy.

If only she could remember how she got them. She's shielded from the blast by the original Captain Mar-Vell, but in the process their DNA is fused and some of Mar-Vell's powers (including flight, super-strength, durability) are passed to her. When the alien battle brings her back to earth circa the 1990s, she begins to remember fragments of her past.

It is the first Marvel female superhero movie, steered by an Oscar-winning actor, equally known for being a vocal women's rights activist. The engine explodes and the Tesseract's energy bonds with Carol Danvers.

You can see him running away from an explosion in Thor's cape, which we're pretty sure is just a photoshop decision and not a plot point. She was the Security Chief of a restricted, military base (NASA) and officer in the Air Force. It was both thrilling and poignant, Lynch says. And with that, Boden made her own bit of history, becoming the MCU's first female director.

"Young boys have role models, why shouldn't we?" she says. She would eventually take on the identity of Ms. Marvel before becoming Captain Marvel. And now the actress and her film are under piracy attack. Why has she never dropped by to introduce herself? How exactly they found it after it was just left on a random street in NY is pretty unclear, but we'll give Fury the benefit of the doubt and assume his vehicle had some sort of tracking device they were able to follow in order to investigate his disappearance once they left Wakanda.

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