Chinese company Huawei sues U.S. government, accuses them of stealing emails

Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Ong Kian Ming speaks during a forum on China’s Belt and Road initiative in Kuala Lumpur

China blocks canola shipments from Canada's Richardson

The lawsuit, filed in a US District Court in Plano, Texas, challenges the constitutionality of Section 889 of the 2019 National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA), which was signed by President Donald Trump in August previous year. "But the truth is, restricting Huawei's contribution to American and other 5G networks will only harm their networks".

Canada exported more than Can$5 billion (US$3.75 billion) worth of canola past year, with nearly half of it, or about 5 million tonnes, going to China, according to industry figures.

Increasingly, both sides appear to be resorting to courts to try to press their cases. It has labeled the ban as unconstitutional and seeks to have that part of the law overturned.

Wanzhou faces extradition to the USA, where she's accused of orchestrating violations of American sanctions against Iran. The charges include conspiracy to steal trade secrets, attempted theft of trade secrets, wire fraud and obstruction of justice.

The planned legal action and public relations outreach compare with a more restrained response in December emphasising "trust in justice" when its chief financial officer, Sabrina Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in Vancouver at United States request.

Ms Meng - Mr Ren's daughter - is accused by the United States of bank and wire fraud related to breaches of trade sanctions against Iran. Huawei denies any wrongdoing. "It has never asked and will not ask Chinese companies to do anything against foreign laws and regulations".

Peck said the case is complex and will take time, and as a result the defense and prosecution have agreed to put it over until May 8 to fix a date for an extradition hearing. He did not know if the government would join Huawei's lawsuit. The world's top provider of networking gear faces the prospect of being shut out of pivotal infrastructure markets. The ruling found the US government did not give Ralls a reasonable opportunity to address allegations it posed a security risk.

In the complaint filed Wednesday, Huawei said the USA government failed to provide evidence Huawei products pose a security risk, the reason given for the ban last May.

"The US congress has repeatedly failed to produce any evidence to support its restrictions on Huawei products", said Mr Guo.

'The U.S. government is sparing no effort to smear the company, ' he said at a news conference at the tech giant's corporate headquarters in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. Ltd. on March 7 confirmed it is suing the us government over a section of a defense bill passed into law a year ago that restricts its access to the United States.

He also said there is no "evidence" against Huawei.

Huawei is a focus of US security concerns. Contrary to the statute's premise, Huawei is not owned, controlled, or influenced by the Chinese government. Industry analysts say excluding the Chinese vendor from markets for 5G equipment would reduce competition and might lead to higher prices.

Founded in 1987 by a former military engineer, Huawei overtook Ericsson in 2017 as the biggest global supplier of network equipment.

He also claimed that United States government agencies "had hacked" Huawei "servers and stolen emails and source code". Some carriers, including Telus Corp., have said a Huawei ban could delay the roll out of 5G networks. Meng is suing the Canadian government, border agency and the national police force for detaining and interrogating her before informing her she was under arrest. That followed the Canadian government's announcement Friday that the extradition proceeding for Meng would be allowed to continue.

Guo later said the United States wanted to thwart Huawei's rise as it "hampers USA efforts to spy on whomever it wants".

A law recently enacted by Beijing that obliges Chinese companies to aid the government on national security has added to the concerns about Huawei.

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