'Captain Marvel' is an aimless superhero slog

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson

Brie Larson stars as in ‘Captain Marvel

During a skirmish with the Skrull, Kree warrior Vers (Brie Larson) is taken captive and escapes to end up on Earth, where she must find a source of power before the Skrull can get to it first.

The series, which will be based on Amyrillis Fox's upcoming memoir, will draw upon the real experiences from the memoir to tell the story of a young woman's journey in the Central Intelligence Agency and some of her undercover operations, all with the connections of her closest relationships being told.

This isn't the greatest Marvel movie ever made, but it's definitely one of the funniest - and one of the sweetest.

For more fabulous looks from the Captain Marvel red carpet, click through the slideshow below. The directors are Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, tackling their first franchise affair after a solid career making small, smart, powerful dramas ("Half Nelson" in 2006, "Sugar" in 2008, a terrific gambling flick no one saw called "Mississippi Grind" in 2015). The pair buddy-cop their way through a complex conspiracy chock-full of callbacks to the earlier phases of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, pausing periodically to poke fun at grunge fashion and the internet's awkward Altavista era.

In the film, she plays an Air Force pilot who becomes imbued with incredible powers after an explosion and the workouts allowed her to have the strength to perform stunts and fight scenes as her character. But compared to most of the studio's other releases, "Captain Marvel" seems a little lacking in commitment, ambition, and innovation. Mentioning the similar tacts taken by the film to previous Marvel entries that prize flashy effects and emotional broad strokes over technical ability, Han says it all feels a bit familiar - even "the sets largely resemble that nondescript airplane hangar from Captain America: Civil War". Instead of following the 1977 narrative, where she was the victim in an explosion that would give her powers, DeConnick re-writes the narrative as a choice. In public, Carol is a take-no-prisoners soldier wanting to prove herself worthy to her comrades-in-arms - but in private, she's not so certain.

Captain Marvel has a playful vibe and yet nails the full-on female-empowerment/empowering action thriller aspect as well. It's that pursuit that lands Vers firmly on Earth or C-53 as it's called here - where questions about her past and confusion in finding her identity are about to answered.

For this exercise, I'll only be discussing Marvel's Captain Marvel characters. In an interview with Extra TV, Jackson said that he has been following her career.

This section includes six books, three of which are Captain Marvel volume 1.

One supposes it's a double-edged sword, critically speaking, to make so many choices that don't feel gender specific in a story that outwardly remains an outlier in terms of the quantity (and quality) of superhero films that are not focused on white men. A cat named Goose that manages to find Nick Fury's soft spot is a treat. This leads to a couple of moments of, "Wait, what just happened?" or, "Why would they believe her?" that could have been avoided with a more carefully paced script, or, in a flawless world, a more thoroughly constructed preamble in another movie altogether. Note: this will probably only impact MCU diehards - but be reminded of when in the timeline was S.H.I.E.L.D. first referenced in the movies, and the journey of the Tessaract. "It's been a couple of years of working on this movie", Larson said. Never one to look a gift Kree in the mouth, he quickly throws in his lot with Vers, who has to track down an Earth scientist (Annette Bening) and her plans for a light-speed engine before the Skrulls get to her.

It hasn't even hit the theaters yet, but Marvel's latest installment in its cinematic universe is already being touted as the studio's world-saving contribution to feminism. According to Deadline, it's described as being "provocative", and the story of Brie Larson's lead character will be shaded by her various relationships with those closest to her.

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