Thanos Better Watch Out — CAPTAIN MARVEL Review

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His star pupil is Vers, a female warrior with incredible energy powers. "She can shoot photon blasts from her hands". Mendelsohn seems to be the only one aware that he is in a movie about blue aliens fighting shape-shifting reptiles, and hams it up to the nth degree, chewing scenery like he was a starving man. As the hostile aliens begin to probe her mind, memories hidden away begin to resurface.

So, it might be worth lowering your expectations a smidge before going to see Captain Marvel, but for the most part it seems to deliver another fun, escapist Marvel thrill-ride.

Larson is a flawless fit as Vers/Carol/Captain Marvel, with both her well-developed dramatic acting chops, and her dry wit; you absolutely believe in both her physical power and her mental state that must traverse some rocky terrain between her known and discovered identities.

"I've never been invited!" she said. The Skrulls have also come to Earth and while searching for them Vers/Carol starts to realise there may be more to her mysterious life story. I was anxious I'd be dealing with the uncanny valley effect for the movie's full running time, but it genuinely works. There is plenty of MacGuffin chasing, sure, but we get to meet Goose the cat, which is basically the Groot of this film (there are plenty of Guardians comparisons to be had here). Mendelsohn also gives Talos an unexpected depth.

Captain Marvel will see S.H.I.E.L.D in its early stages.

This week, Marvel fans have a treat in store for them. "As a Nick Fury [Samuel L Jackson] buddy comedy, it's fun". He's younger, naïve, and less battle tired.

I was frustrated that there were basically no women in the movie with real roles once they leave Themyscira. Some boycotters say they'll go see the James Cameron-produced "Alita: Battle Angel" this weekend instead - as if pitting one female action hero against another isn't its own form of sexism. You'll completely forget that this isn't how Samuel L. Jackson looks in 2019. The movie is set in 1995, borrowing elements from Roy Thomas's comic, "Kree-Skrull War" (originally published as Avengers #89-97 in 1971), and follows Danvers as she becomes Captain Marvel. He has a few surprises up his sleeve and is definitely an audience favorite.

The two different scenes serve some very different purposes. And if you love how all of the movies are tied together, you'll enjoy all of the Easter Eggs tying the previous films to this one. Moreover, Stan Lee's cameo is a bittersweet moment.

Does Captain Marvel have an end-credits scene?

Though both are immediately drawn to the cat in the film, the actors Larson and Jackson weren't as enamored with their feline co-star. This is evident in the script, co-written with Geneva Robertson-Dworet ("Tomb Raider"), which builds up the action-adventure stakes while also focusing in on Vers' struggle to understand herself. There is not a standout "Oh Wow!" moment that you immediately want to rewind and see again. We've been waiting for you for so long. Carol's friendships with Fury and Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch) are equally important but unique. However, I have to say I did not feel it was fully developed. It's always tricky introducing a new character, especially the most powerful one in the Marvel Comics roster - and Boden and Fleck, and Larson, do it with high energy, good humor and intelligence. "It can be a bit on-the-nose at times, and occasionally has to fast-track its exposition in ways that can feel slightly clunky, but what it lacks in grace it makes up for in charm". McMillen added even more sparkle by topping off Larson's look with sequined star heels, custom made by Jimmy Choo.

Once we get past the machinations and alleged farewells of "Avengers: Endgame", maybe a "Captain Marvel" sequel with the same directors can expand on the tantalizing possibilities in this conflicted human/Kree hybrid, and really let Larson fly.

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