Kyle Kuzma: 'Obviously There's Something Wrong With This Team'

Bledsoe leads Bucks past Lakers despite big games from LeBron Ingram

Bledsoe leads Bucks past Lakers despite big games from LeBron Ingram

LeBron James might be the only Laker left that Snoop Dogg still likes. The Suns made 39-76 FG (51.3%) as a team in the game. All of this drama has been created since the news of trying to get Anthony Davis through trade, and it hasn't gotten better.

Anthony Davis, on the other hand, is the kind of player they need - and the first overall pick with the name Zion Williamson attached to it suddenly becomes far more valuable and far more of a commodity that the New Orleans Pelicans would covet, nearly assuring that the trade that couldn't be consummated in February, will be consummated in May.

Fingers are being pointed all over the place.

Buss went on to explain that she believes the "fake news" led to some of the team's struggles and the players' chemistry took a hit. The Suns, after giving the Lakers the early lead, quickly surged ahead in the first quarter to a 10-point lead.

It was a careless turnover rarely seen at the National Basketball Association level.

Do you want to see LeBron James be swept in the first round by the Golden States Warriors? The standings are going to be what they are on matter what, win or lose. This is a toxic environment, period.

"You keep playing to the end and see what happens". We have seen an increase in minutes for James since his return from injury, averaging almost 39 minutes per game despite an overall season average of 35.4, the lowest of his career.

Snoop Dogg's blind rage aside, it's hard to imagine things getting much worse for the Lakers at this point. "It's just unfortunate with the opportunity that we had, and we haven't been able to seize that opportunity". "I thought I had a little bit more room to get it to [Ingram]". Ball is a great player, regardless of what critics say.

Additionally, fans in search of the best tickets of their lives will also be disappointed to hear that Dogg didn't supply any means for how they can redeem his offer. With Lonzo in the rotation, the Lakers were ranked the 7th best defensive rated team in the league. When Rondo reaches double-digit assists, it seems like the Lakers are nearly a lock for win, as ball movement is extremely important. "At times we played well", James said.

It dropped 4.5 games out of the eighth spot in the West with just 19 regular-season games left. This team is not worse than what LeBron had in Cleveland previous year. One in the third quarter that bounced right in front of us that turned into a fastbreak for them. Injuries and drama are the two biggest factors in this disappointing season.

Numerous same issues that have plagued the team all season converged in Saturday's calamity. This team is being challenged mentally and there is no chemistry whatsoever on the team.

"We're losing to teams that we shouldn't lose to", Kyle Kuzma said.

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