Michael Jackson reportedly 'married' boy, 10, in mock ceremony

The Reverend Ruth Scott has died

Reverend Ruth Scott Radio 2 Pause For Thought broadcaster dies at 60

The controversial Michael Jackson miniseries is here, so find out how to watch Leaving Neverland online or live this weekend, as HBO airs the documentary everyone's been talking about.

"Little one send me another fax please", one reads.

Safechuck offered some graphic detail of the alleged abuse: "There was kissing and just kind of rubbing on each other and then oral sex and then he would want me to suck on his nipples and he would finish himself".

"We used to spend hours and hours and hours on the phone".

Following its debut at this year's Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, "Leaving Neverland" was met with immediate backlash from Jackson's fans and from the singer's family, who slammed the production in the press repeatedly.

Because of Jackson's words in the documentary where he called Wade Robson affectionate names such as "Little One" and showered him with special attention, more people are expressing they believe the allegations against Michael Jackson.

Safechuck also claimed that Jackson would "run drills with me, where we'd be in the hotel room and he would pretend like somebody is coming in and you had to get dressed as fast as possible without making noise". He added that once he turned 14 years old, Jackson was no longer interested in him, but had already told Robson, "We can never tell anyone what we are doing". "This is how we show love".

In a response tweet, user @hatergene argued that the response was "perfectly on brand" for Jackson's estate.

Complicating their narrative is the fact that both testified on Jackson's behalf in child-molestation trials - and, after his death, unsuccessfully sued his estate.

The estate has threatened HBO and parent company Time Warner with a $100 million lawsuit, saying that in broadcasting the film, it would be breaking a contract it signed in 1992 when it aired one of Jackson's concerts.

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