Fortnite Season 8: What Level 340,000 XP Is

Fortnite Season 8 update and v8.00 patch release time announced by Epic Games By Eli Becht

Fortnite Season 8 update and v8.00 patch release time announced by Epic Games By Eli Becht

Epic Games will likely have all the updates on the Battle Pass, map changes and official Season 8 trailer in place by the afternoon.

In the loose narrative of the game, the port location is obviously where pirates and buccaneers unload their treasures after long voyages, and we wouldn't be surprise if there was plenty of rare loot to dig up around those parts. There are a number of changes and enhancements that have been introduced with the update like the addition of new weapons, challenges, map changes and more. This Fortnite weekly challenge requires you to visit three different locations in distinctly different biomes - the desert, the snowy area, and the jungle, and locate three giant faces. Here's what Epic has to say about Season 8.

A volcano has now appeared from out of the ground and the Prisoner has now been freed from the Ice Kings castle and has brought fire and flames to the world.

The full patch note list is absolutely huge, and details changes coming to the game including a new pirate cannon, two new locations, lava, volcanic vents, and myriad more changes besides.

Fortnite Season 8 is now upon us. The price remains at 950 V-Bucks and players will find a Blackheart, and Hybrid progressive outfits available instantly after purchasing the Battle Pass. The game developer's state that cannonballs and players will be able to plough through a number of objects before stopping with a bang. It is mostly created to encourage players to explore the new area and make doing so (thanks to the enhanced mobility) enjoyable. Damage for a direct hit on the enemy will be 100 and 50 damage within vicinity.

In Fortnite Creative, Season 8 has added the new Jungle Temple Theme. Those items include sneak snowman disguises, chiller grenades, and shopping carts.

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