Donald Trump launches furious attack on Robert Mueller

Mark Meadows Lynne Patton racism

Mark Meadows Lynne Patton Moment Was Like Slave Auction, Say MSNBC Panelists: It Was 'the Epitome of Racism'

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) made a decision to fundraise off Cohen's testimony. "I think we're going to do numbers that people haven't seen for a long time. This speech should have been delivered one year from now, not now, damn it".

Trump said Comey was Mueller's "best friend", and implied Comey should have been fired before Trump took office.

Who do you want to believe?

Trump also renewed criticism of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell as someone who "likes raising interest rates", and said the US dollar is too strong.

Trump has repeatedly slammed Powell for raising interest rates too quickly.

After a series of remarks on immigrants who, he said, must "love our country", Mr Trump said, "We have people in Congress that hate our country". "... With all of that, we're doing great". If you keep defending us, we'll keep defending you.

Trump reiterated his stance on immigration and his campaign-promised border wall.

The June 2018 filing came as the hush money scandal broke and government ethics officials contacted Trump's lawyers for an explanation, demanding the president revise his report if he owed Cohen any money in 2016.

In dramatic congressional testimony Wednesday broadcast across the world on cable and U.S. network channels, Cohen turned on his former boss, using the big stage to describe Trump as a "mobster", "con man", "cheat" and a "racist".

He also took a lengthy detour back to the inauguration, claiming that an enormous if not unprecedented crowd showed up, contrary to the thorough video and photo coverage that showed otherwise.

Donald Trump accused his former lawyer of perjury on Friday, saying Michael Cohen's scathing testimony to Congress this week contradicted a manuscript he wrote past year that complimented the USA president. Two weeks earlier Trump had declared the fall of the so-called caliphate would be announced "over the next 24 hours".

He added that the relationship with North Korea seemed to be "very, very strong".

At the time of Cohen's testimony, Trump was in Vietnam trying - without result - to cut a denuclearization deal with dictator Kim Jong-Un.

Zelizer is a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University, and author, with Kevin Kruse, of the new book "Fault Lines: A History of the United States Since 1974". Police said last week that they had identified the suspect in the case but did not release his name until Friday. "From day one, I mentioned the word rape".

If universities do not comply "it will be very costly", he said.

The manuscript was entitled "Trump Revolution: From the Tower to the White House, Understanding Donald J. Trump" - and according to the Daily Beast, it was aimed at offsetting books deeply critical of the President.

An FBI Team led by special investigator Robert Mueller after going for nearly two years, the question of whether there was in the case of the alleged Russian Attempt to influence the presidential election in 2016, the collusion between Moscow and Trumps choice of fight camp. "There's no collusion, so now they morph into, "Let's inspect every deal he has done". "We'll go through it, we'll figure out who we want to talk to, and we'll bring them in". Trump continued: "These people are sick".

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