Consumer Report drops Tesla Model 3 recommendation due to reliability issues

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Tesla Model 3 loses Consumer Reports recommendation

The consumer outfit said that Tesla buyers are more likely to be satisfied with their auto than customers of any other brand... but "many customers reported problems with the Model 3, including loose body trim and glass defects".

Some news outlets have proclaimed this news is going to cause major headaches for Tesla.

For example, they identified issues with the body of the Model 3, its paint, and the interior trim.

The annual survey has resulted in the downgrading of the Tesla Model 3, the popular all-electric brand's newest product, from the "Recommended" category it previously sat in. In the short term, no.

Consumer Reports noted the Model 3 is a "critical auto for Tesla", considering it is the first attempt made by the automaker at a true mass-market electric vehicle.

As a brand, Tesla fell 11 spots to No. 19 out of 33 brands ranked by Consumer Reports.

A 2018 Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle is shown in this photo illustration taken in Cardiff, California, U.S., June 1, 2018.

While Consumer Reports initially predicted the Model 3 would have average reliability, it's turned out to be below average.

The American magazine published the results of its annual reliability survey and collected data on almost 470,000 vehicles, including the Model 3.

It's worth noting that Consumer Reports often pulls recommendations based on issues that have long since been corrected, a dynamic which Tesla, via a statement from a company spokesperson, claims is happening here.

This new report confirms concerns raised by many analysts about the quality of Tesla models being compromised as the automaker feverishly boosted production a year ago to attain monthly production targets. Jalopnik reached out to Consumer Reports about this and will update if we hear back. The Model 3 joins the Model S on the outside of the Recommended list looking in.

As Tesla is expected to introduce a new crossover this year, along with a new Semi truck, pickup truck and roadster in the near future, this is an issue that's better fixed now than later if the company wants to avoid these headlines in the future, and better compete against a growing field of competition.

On the news, Tesla's stock took a dive, as investors continue riding the roller coaster that comes hand in hand with being in Elon Musk's passenger seat. The "relatively high number of reliability complaints" include body panels, paint, trim, infotainment, electronics, and cracks in the rear window.

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