Trump urges Venezuelan military to abandon Maduro or 'lose everything'

Cucuta: Trucks arrive at a warehouse where international humanitarian aid for Venezuela will be stored.—Reuters

Cucuta: Trucks arrive at a warehouse where international humanitarian aid for Venezuela will be stored.—Reuters

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said that Trump will express "strong support" for Guaido, whom the US recognizes as the country's rightful president, and condemn President Nicolas Maduro's government and its socialist policies.

While speaking in front of some members of the Venezuela-American community in Miami, the president is expected to demand that the socialist nation "work toward democracy" and install Guaido as their president, or else.

Trump issued a dire warning to Venezuela's military that if they continue to stand with Maduro, "you will find no safe harbor, no easy exit and no way out".

Venezuelan Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez announced Monday that Nicolás Maduro's government will hold a concert Friday and Saturday in Venezuela to rival the concert that billionaire Richard Branson announced last week that he was hosting at the Venezuela-Colombian border. "That's what it is". "The eyes of the entire world are upon you today, every day and every day in the future".

President Donald Trump will seek on Monday to rally support in the largest Venezuelan community in the USA for opposition leader Juan Guaido, saying Venezuela's 'current path toward democracy is irreversible'. "Let your people go, set your country free".

Trump offered strong backing for Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, who the United States, many of Venezuela's neighbors and most Western countries have recognized as interim president of Venezuela.

"The narcoterrorist tyranny of Nicolas Maduro continues to block critical humanitarian relief for those who continue to suffer under his regime", the Florida Republican said, adding that the United States stands by the Venezuelan people in their fight for "democracy and freedom".

US Senator Marco Rubio arrived Sunday in Cucuta for a first-hand look at the aid operations.

Tensions have further escalated ahead of 23 February, when USA "humanitarian aid", which is now stockpiled in Columbia, is expected to reach Venezuela.

The president called on Venezuelan military troops "not follow Maduro's orders" to block humanitarian aid and warned them not to harm the Venezuelan people or Guaido.

Talking points distributed by the White House ahead of the speech emphasized a stark message to Venezuelan security forces who have not put themselves under the control of Venezuelan National Assembly leader Juan Guaido.

Speaking in Spanish, Rubio warned that blocking the entry of US food would amount to a "crime against humanity" and those responsible would spend "the rest of their lives hiding from justice". "Food and medicine will reach the people of Venezuela". The position, in large part, is due to US sanctions against state-owned oil giant Petroleos de Venezuela SA.

On Monday, Trump said Maduro and the "small handful at the top of the Maduro regime" have stolen from Venezuela.

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