Iran's foreign minister accuses Israel, US of seeking war

Pence rebukes European powers over positions on Iran, Venezuela

Joe Biden disparages America as 'embarrassment' while speaking in Europe

Dr Merkel said a looming new shot expected in a trade war - Washington readying to declare European vehicle imports a "national security threat" - was "frightening". "Israel", Mohammad Javad Zarif told participants at the Munich Security Conference, according to the Reuters news agency.

Accusing Israel of violating global law after bombing campaigns in Syria, Zarif criticised European powers for not calling out Israel and the U.S. for their behaviour in the region. "The risk (of war) is great".

"The now laboring to force others to violate that resolution", Zarif said, adding that European efforts to save the JCPOA weren't showing "much success".

Zarif appeared to be referring to Israeli air attacks against Iranian targets in Syria.

But the U.S. argues that the deal just puts off when Iran might be able to build a nuclear bomb.

And the United States has won no solid pledges of support for a proposed observer force to stay on in northeast Syria when the U.S. pulls out to ensure the safety of Syrian Kurdish fighters.

She said it is better to "put yourself in the other's shoes ... and see whether we can get win-win solutions together".

It reimposed economic sanctions previous year after pulling out of the 2015 deal with world powers aimed at preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Zarif slammed the U.S. for its focus on Iran.

Lavrov said on Saturday that Washington has for months clearly shown no interest in keeping the treaty and that the U.S. had long planned to leave it.

"America is stronger than ever before and America is leading on the world stage once again", Pence told officials at the Munich Security Conference, listing what he described as US foreign policy successes from Afghanistan to North Korea.

Under the agreement, the United States and others agreed to lift sanctions on Iran in exchange for it agreeing to control its development of nuclear weapons programme.

"The time has come for our European partners to stop undermining United States sanctions against this murderous revolutionary regime", Pence said.

"It is time for our European partners to stop undermining the USA and stand with the Iranian people", he declared.

Europeans have shared USA concerns about the failure of the Iran nuclear deal to limit Tehran's missile arsenal.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described Iran as the "main destabilizing factor " in the Middle East and accused it of belligerence.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence is urging allies to take seriously "the threat" posed by Chinese telecom giant Huawei as they look for partners to build 5G wireless infrastructure.

The number of Jews in Iran has fallen to an estimated 10,000 to 20,000, from 85,000 at the time of the 1979 revolution.

Zarif's comments appeared directed at European assurances that INSTEX could concentrate on products not now subject to USA sanctions, such as medicine, medical supplies, and agricultural goods, rather than on broader trade. "Our enemies, America and Israel, want to create division among Iranians", Rouhani said in a public speech in southern Iran, broadcast live on state TV.

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