Woman in chair-throwing video granted bail

Woman seen on video tossing chair from Toronto condo surrenders to police

Woman accused of throwing a chair off downtown Toronto balcony turns herself in

Marcella Zoia, 19, of Toronto, was by herself when she walked into 52 division just at 7 a.m. Wednesday.

"It was not just a lark gone bad".

Police says the incident took place on Saturday when Zoia allegedly threw a chair and other items from a balcony high up in a downtown condo tower that faces a major highway.

The Toronto police have thanked the public for their assistance identifying the woman.

The incident shown in an online video, captioned "Good morning", sparked widespread outrage. "Of course, she would never wish anyone would be hurt".

The chairs reportedly landed near the building's front entrance and there were no reports of injuries.

On February 13, it was widely reported that the suspect had turned herself in to authorities. "We'll see how this works, but that's a long way down the road", Leslie said.

Police said the apartment the furniture was allegedly tossed from was being used as a "short-term rental property" but could not say which company it was rented through.

Neighbours told CTV News Toronto that they believed it was being operated as one that day. Mayor John Tory told the media that the suspect's actions demonstrated "idiotic behavior".

Airbnb said Wednesday that it has contacted Toronto police and offered its support in the investigation.

"I just hope that people take from the example of the consequences that will follow this woman - that this is irresponsible behaviour that is unacceptable". He added, "This could have caused death or injury and is not acceptable". "We have no evidence at this time to suggest that the accused has ever been an Airbnb user, but we have suspended the account of a guest with a reservation at the building pending further review".

This is not amusing, I hope she gets caught!????

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