Kyler Murray chooses the National Football League over baseball

Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray holds the Heisman Trophy after winning the award Saturday Dec. 8 2018 in New York. More

Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray holds the Heisman Trophy after winning the award Saturday Dec. 8 2018 in New York. More

Kyler Murray has tweeted that he is "fully committing my life and time to becoming an NFL quarterback", answering the question of whether he will choose football or baseball.

Baker Mayfield, who was awarded the same hardware in 2017, was taken with the No. 1 overall pick by the Cleveland Browns in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Relating to the Patriots, they will always be interested in quarterbacks as long as Tom Brady is still on the roster since they need to find an eventual replacement. The 21-year-old could be a first-round pick in the NFL draft in April, which would make him the first athlete selected in the first round of the MLB and NFL drafts, according to the NFL's research department.

Only one problem: the team drafted QB Josh Rosen in the first round just a year ago.

He was due to report to spring training with the Athletics on Friday, with club officials still unsure of Murray's intentions before his statement on Monday. He is officially dedicating himself to a full-time football career, bypassing the opportunity, at least for now, to play professional baseball.

"Football has been my love and passion my entire life", said Murray. You can't blame the league for that, but it does represent how precarious baseball's position on the media map is, as MLB fights the NFL and National Basketball Association for the eyeballs and dollars of fans.

Murray, after a record-setting season as the quarterback at Oklahoma, was listed among National Football League combine participants last week, but it wasn't immediately clear which sport he was going to pursue.

The Heisman Trophy victor has been pushed toward football after an incredible junior season in which he threw for 4,361 passing yards and 42 touchdowns for Oklahoma.

Murray's standout season put him onto the radars of National Football League teams despite his diminutive stature - Murray stands just below 5-foot-10. And with baseball becoming both increasingly expensive, professionalized and hard at the youth level-kids who harbor major league dreams are forced into endless travel ball circuits, highly competitive All-Star leagues and expensive private coaching before they've even reached puberty-it's easy to see those would-be Kyler Murrays choosing football or basketball, too.

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