What Time is the Marshmellow Live Event in Fortnite? Details

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A DJ Is Doing A Live Set Inside 'Fortnite' This Weekend, Which Is Peak 2019

The show was a sight to remember as players from around the world joined together to enjoy a set by the worldwide phenomenon EDM DJ, Marshmello, for a free concert! Here is where players can find the Showtime Venue in Fortnite.

The much anticipated Fortnite Marshmello Concert event just took place and here's the full video of the event.

Sources are telling me there were more than *10 million concurrent players* watching the @marshmellomusic concert in @FortniteGame today - on top of the millions watching online.

To celebrate this event, Epic Games has introduced some new cosmetic items for players to obtain. To commemorate this performance, there will be a Marshmello skin, a Marsh-Walk emote as well as a Marshmello-inspired glider. The company disabled all game modes in the popular battle royale title 20 minutes leading up to the concert. What artist would you like to see perform next?

The first thing in this freshly added collection is Marshmello's Outfit which loves awesome and has dancing sets of light across its Head, arms and legs which makes this skin looks spectacular. One of the first challenges among others is live now called Showtime Pictures. Players can buy this wonderful skin from the Item Store which costs 1,500 V-Bucks. First, on Marshmello's website, he's listed that his next official concert will be happening at Pleasant Park on February 2.

Did you attend the Marshmello concert? After all three have been visited, you will complete the final challenge and unlock all the new gear.

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