PlayStation Plus Titles for February 2019 Announced

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Sony launches 2TB PlayStation hard drive

Meanwhile, PS Plus members will get six games for free next month, like usual. Or to go with its proper name, Hitman: The Complete First Season.

PlayStation 4PlayStation 3PlayStation VitaAll of the above games will be available until March 8th, with the exception of the PlayStation 4 titles that will change on March 5th when the new month of PS+ begins.

PS4-only titles include Hitman: The Complete First Season by I/O interactive, for those who picked up Hitman 2 and want to delve in the past of Agent 47.

That 2TB will give you space for about 50 more games and you'll be able to play them as quickly as if they were on the PS4's internal drive, Seagate said in its release. Divekick, Gunhouse and Rogue Aces are all available on the system with the latter two also being available on PS4. This may prove frustrating to those hoping to stockpile games before eventually picking up a PS Vita or PS3 down the road. Lineup for the first half of the year is set but second half is still in flux. Focusing on Solid Snake, called "Old Snake" in the game, it pits players against Liquid Snake in an exhilarating action-stealth adventure. For PlayStation Plus members, every month new titles become available for players to enjoy for free.

According to a recent report which surveyed around 4,000 game studios, 18 per cent of them said they're now working on games for next-gen hardware, so it makes sense that a form of that hardware - or at least an idea of the punch it'll pack - is known to developers.

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