The government is back, and it's debunking Trump's tweets

Donald Trump wants global warming to 'come back fast', as Australia burns in extreme heatwave

Trump mocks ‘global warming’, makes a spelling goof-up again; gets roasted in turn

"In the handsome Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded", Trump tweeted Monday, sarcastically asserting, "What the hell is going on with Global Waming [sic]?" This is allowing frigid air from a large gyre spinning around Hudson Bay, Canada, to steer cold air toward the U.S. This circulation pattern is distinct from the stratospheric polar vortex, which has actually been displaced across northern Asia.

Inevitably, when the weather turns brutally cold, someone will ask, "What happened to global warming?".

"In the lovely Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded", he posted on Twitter.

And - oops! - researchers expect that climate change could even contribute to brutal snowstorms like the one Trump tweeted about. "People can't last outside even for minutes", he tweeted this afternoon.

Citing the awful cold that has gripped the Midwest, Trump taunted the phenomenon of global warming asking it to "come back fast" in his tweet. Last year was the fourth-hottest year on record.

The lower 48 states make up only 1.6 per cent of the globe and five western states are warmer than normal.

The CNN hosts pointed out that Trump's own administration and intelligence community accepts climate change and global warming science. According to almost every scientist, these extreme weather conditions are an effect of global climate change.

House of Cards actor Micheal Kelly posted, "Holy s***, you have said some really stupid s*** since taking office but this might go right up there in the top 3". And as this week's storm is set to be a record-breaking event. Amid freezing temperatures past year, Trump tweeted: "Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS - Whatever happened to Global Warming?"

In December 2017, Weather Network Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott outlined the difference between climate and weather, in direct response to one of Trump's global warming tweets.

"This myth is like arguing that nighttime proves the sun doesn't exist", Cook said.

"Weather is like your mood, and climate is like your personality". Weather is like mood, which is fleeting. As explained by NASA and the Fourth National Climate Assessment, "The difference between weather and climate is a measure of time", it says.

"Just because we have a cold snap does not mean we don't have global warming", Poellot said.

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