U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to 5 Week-Low Despite Government Shutdown

Can U.S. Make Staff Work Without Pay? Judge Could Force Its HandMore

Can U.S. Make Staff Work Without Pay? Judge Could Force Its HandMore

Lawyers for the labor unions, including National Treasury Employees Union, argued withholding pay while forcing labor is unconstitutional and violated USA labor laws.

Others, meanwhile, are hesitant to apply, knowing they will have to pay back the unemployment benefits when they finally return to work.

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The Government Shutdown Prevention Act is cosponsored by Reps.

A federal judge in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday denied a request by unions, including for the nation's air traffic controllers, to force the government to pay workers who are continuing on the job during the shutdown.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is accusing the White House of leaking information about her planned congressional trip to Afghanistan and saying it's "very irresponsible on the part of the president".

The Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Justice, State, Transportation, Treasury and the Environmental Protection Agency are the major agencies affected by the shutdown.

Furloughs of federal workers as a result of lapses in appropriation are called "emergency furloughs".

Friday marked Day 28 of the government shutdown as Democrats, Republicans and President Donald Trump continue to spare over border security with no resolution in sight.

Not everyone. Gerstenfeld says OR has about 9,600 people who work for federal agencies impacted by the shutdown.

Leon also dismissed a request that'd allow federal employees to stay home rather than labor away uncompensated. Since this is the peak season for unemployment claims, coupled with the federal shutdown; it could take up to 21 days to make a determination on an application for benefits.

The workers had sued for a temporary restraining order that would remove the obligation to go to work if they were not being paid.

The number of furloughed federal employees seeking unemployment benefits jumped in the first two weeks of the partial government shutdown and topped 10,000 during the week of January 5. He published a letter to Coast Guard members sharing news that USAA had donated $15 million to the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance program.

Economists said individuals who are missing their paychecks, including government workers and contractors, would have to cut back on purchases, which would lower consumer spending.

Nasser reminds federal workers they require additional paperwork to file their claims.

"The good news is we're going to do it, and shame on them", he told TSA workers during a visit Thursday to Sacramento International Airport.

The United States Department of Labor has strict requirements claimants must meet to receive benefits, one of which is an unemployed person must be willing and available to work.

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