Netflix criticised for using real disaster footage in Bird Box


The"Bird Box Challenge with Alligators

If there is anyone who thinks that it is ok because a stock footage company has the rights to it, imagine a fictional show or movie needing video of a random building being demolished and deciding that the World Trade Center on 9/11 is flawless. The train was carrying crude oil when it derailed and caused a devastating blaze which killed 47 people. Multiple news agencies are reporting that Netflix confirmed the footage shown at the beginning of Bird Box is Lac-Megantic disaster footage but that it will not be removed.

In 2013, a train carrying 74 cars of crude oil derailed, causing numerous runaway rail cars to explode and catch fire.

Footage of accident was provided to Netflix by stock image company Pond 5, and Netflix has now been criticized for multiple uses of the footage, in Bird Box, the anime adaptation Death Note, and the streaming service's new original series, Travelers.

Netflix is under fire for using footage from a deadly 2013 rail disaster in Canada in at least one of its recent releases.

Netflix's post-apocalyptic survival film "Bird Box" is drawing criticism for using footage of a real fiery train disaster but the streaming giant has no plans to remove it.

Per a conversation with Mashable, Netflix has determined that they will not do the same in the case of Bird Box and the film will remain as is. The show Travelers, starring Will & Grace's Eric McCormack, used some of the footage in the latest season to show disruption in London after a nuclear bomb. "It's hard enough for our citizens to see these images when they are used normally and respectfully on the news", Morin told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Pond 5 issued a similar statement to the outlet both apologizing and saying that it will contact other vendors who bought the footage to make them aware of its context.

While they apparently have no intention of removing the video clips outright from the films, they have said they will try to replace them if they can.

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