Bipartisan Bill Introduced to Ban Sale of US Tech to Chinese Companies

A Seattle jury found Huawei liable in a civil lawsuit brought by T Mobile for theft of robotic tech. Now the DOJ is ready to file criminal charges

Huawei under investigation for allegedly stealing trade secrets

The US government is pursuing criminal charges against Huawei for the alleged theft of trade secrets, it has emerged.

It comes as the Trump administration is pressing China to take action on questions of technology theft or face additional trade tariffs.

The body was responding to calls to ban China's Huawei Technologies on national security grounds because the Americans say that they are using their technology to spy for the Chinese. In a case brought forward in 2014, Huawei was charged with misappropriating robotic technology from one of T-Mobile's labs in Washington state.

The arrest of a Huawei employee in Poland last week underscored the increasing pressure on the company in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere over espionage concerns.

Styles' comments came shortly after he travelled with former premier Brad Wall to China, where they recognized a seven-year agreement signed between SaskTel and Huawei Canada to test next generation wireless broadband technology in rural Saskatchewan.

The company is among the world's biggest makers of telecommunications equipment but has been banned in the USA since 2012 over fears it's a security risk.

A bipartisan group of legislators in the United States has introduced bills that would prohibit the sale of U.S. chips or other components to Chinese telecommunications companies that violate Washington's sanctions or export control laws.

Senator Cotton said that Huawei is China's intelligence gathering agency and must the lawmakers must take a decisive action to protect the USA interests and enforce the law. Both companies have repeatedly violated USA laws, represent a significant risk to American national security interests, and need to be held accountable. The arrest was decried by Beijing, which demanded that Canadian authorities immediately release the Chinese national.

Huawei's founder, Ren Zhengfei, denied this week that his company was used by the Chinese government to spy.

In early December, Ren's daughter and Huawei's CFO Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada upon request from US officials for allegedly using the global banking system to evade USA sanctions against Iran.

"This is Congress asserting, as we did back in July 2018, that we need to put these Chinese telecoms companies that are acting effectively as arms of the Chinese Communist Party, out of business", said one senior congressional official.

For its part, ZTE agreed a year ago to pay a $1 billion fine to the United States that had been imposed because the company breached a US embargo on trade with Iran.

In 2014, U.S. telecommunication service provider T-Mobile filed a suit against Huawei for unlawful theft of trade secrets and was eventually awarded US$4.8 million in a jury trial.

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