Kylie Jenner's most-liked record beaten — Instagram egg

Instagram's most-liked post is going to be an egg, sorry Kylie Jenner

Egg beats out Kylie Jenner for most-liked Instagram photo

Yep, you read that right: An egg.

The post features a freckled, orange egg with a bright white background.

The picture was posted January 4 with the caption: "Let's set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram".

Kylie Jenner's birth announcement is no longer the most-liked post on Instagram.

The admin of the Instagram page has responded to the supposed "victory" saying, "This is madness. What a time to believe", The Verge reported. The poster aimed to set a record and "get the most liked post on Instagram". Jenner has 123 million Instagram followers and the egg only has 2.9 million. It's nearly a parody of modern Instagram culture, with influencers spending hours or days creating the ultimate pose only to lose out on likes to an egg. In the caption, Jenner announced her baby girl's name: Stormi Webster.

His post, celebrating Maezawa's clothing company, Zozotown, making 10 billion yen ($92 million) in sales over Christmas, has been retweeted almost 5.3 million times. Yet more people have liked the image than the population of London, New York, and Hong Kong combined. She took to Instagram on January 13, and shared a meme about the whole ordeal. Considering one is a reality star and the other is an inanimate object, that is pretty impressive for the little egg.

In a freaky turn of events, a picture of an egg is now the most liked picture on Instagram!

Will they succeed? Only time will tell! "We're only just getting started".

It is insane to think that this mundane photo of an egg is now the most liked photo on Instagram.

The account behind the ultra-viral post is reportedly run by a chicken from the British countryside named Henrietta, reports Buzzfeed News.

2019 is the year of Big Chungus, Mafia City and now a super popular egg.

It's the only post from the account @world_record_egg. "It was nothing personal".

It had two posts - one that showed a clip from the 1996 Three Lions (Football's Coming Home) music video with an egg super-imposed over a football as it was booted into the back of the net.

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