Democrats filibuster pro-Israel bill, demand vote to reopen government

Rashida Tlaib and Jan Schakowsky

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The vote was 240-188, with eight Republicans joining with Democrats to pass the bill. S. 170 comes amid the partial government shutdown, and Democrats say they will block it until government is reopened. Trump and Vice President Pence are also set to speak with Senate Republicans on Wednesday.

Democratic Representative Bill Pascrell, a tax committee member, said: "Everything's delayed". This will allow them to send more targeted messages about specific shuttered agencies and the impact their reduced operations will have on ordinary citizens.

The Democrats' strategy for forcing a Senate vote on funding the government also ran into an unexpected obstacle earlier this week, when Sen. "There was a very negative reaction by the American public", Hoyer said.

The bill is scheduled to be taken up at 3 EST, at which time the proceedings can be viewed here.

Democrats are also working to sway some moderate and skeptical Republicans to abandon Trump on the wall. OMB is crafting guidance to make the change from past administrations' shutdown policies, he said. It's not about which bill we're voting on.

The House already passed the same bills in a single appropriations package last week, and they were all passed by the Senate a year ago.

"Senate Republicans should instead bring to the floor the House-passed bills to reopen the government", the aide said, referencing a six-bill omnibus package passed by the new Democratic House majority last week to reopen agencies that have been closed since December 22 (E&E Daily, Jan. 4).

It states it would 'increase protections for state and local governments in the United States that decide to divest from, prohibit investment in, and restrict contracting with companies knowingly engaged in commerce-related or investment-related BDS activity targeting Israel, ' according to Senate Republicans. The package consists of four bills the Senate passed during the previous congress.

Vice President Mike Pence will meet with House Republicans on Tuesday evening to urge them to stand with the president against the piecemeal appropriations bills.

President Trump is holding America hostage as he demands taxpayers fund his border wall, refusing to reopen the government until he gets his cash. "Sure enough, Senators Schumer and Durbin are leading the Democrats' charge to block a bill that is vital to Israel and Middle East security". He wants an agreement on border wall funding before agreeing to open any part of the government that is now shuttered. "We won't be doing it in dribs and drabs". Marco Rubio the other day said, "The shutdown is not the reason Senate Democrats don't want to move the [Strengthening American Security In Middle East Act]".

"The facts are clear: President Trump has the power to stop hurting the country by reopening the government and ending the Trump Shutdown", House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Over lunch with Trump and Republican senators at the Capitol Wednesday, moderate Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of ME both pushed back on the president over his dug-in strategy.

Later this week, the House will vote on bills covering national parks, and housing and transportation, as well as agriculture - which administers the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, more colloquially referred to as SNAP or food stamps. Let's get our priorities right.

Last week, seven Republicans supported a Democratic effort to pass a package of six appropriations bills to fund areas of government that have been shuttered since December 21. The bill was supported only by 56 out of 100 senators, while 60 votes were needed for further consideration of the bill. Specifically, it calls for the denial of government contracts to those that boycott Israel to protect Palestinian human rights.

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