NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio guarantees comprehensive health care to all residents

Bill de Blasio

De Blasio announces health care coverage for all New Yorkers

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new plan to provide all New York City residents with health care coverage.

"When this plan is fully implemented, every New Yorker who needs a doctor will have an actual doctor with a name and a place, they're going to have a card that will empower them to go to that doctor whenever they need", de Blasio said during Tuesday's press conference. The plan will is expected to ensure care to resident regardless of their ability to pay or immigration status. "We recognize that obviously health care isn't just, in theory, a right; it's in practice a right". The city's more than 600,000 uninsured residents, including its more than 300,000 undocumented residents, are included in this de Blasio guarantee.

A day earlier, California Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed state-funded health care coverage for 138,000 young people living in the country illegally and reinstating a mandate for everyone to buy insurance or pay a fine - part of "Obamacare" that congressional Republicans eliminated past year. Medi-Cal, the state's health insurance program, now will let illegal immigrants remain on the rolls until they are 26, up from 19, according to Newsom's new agenda.

"Health care is a human right".

Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler said President Donald Trump's administration has put up "real roadblocks" to health care access and that if the state's public option is approved, it wouldn't need federal approval.

Funding for the new program will require no tax hikes, the mayor said. The panel concluded, in the words of a Newsday editorial, that "for patients, emphasis would be on primary care instead of hurried emergency-room sessions and days of hospitalization".

"This has never been done before in this country, in this kind of comprehensive way. NYC Care will provide a primary care doctor and will provide access to specialty care, prescription drugs, mental health services, hospitalization, and more".

In making the announcement on national television, Blasio appeared to be trying to heighten that contrast and thrust his efforts on behalf of undocumented New Yorkers into the national debate over immigration, hours before Mr. Trump was to go on television Tuesday night to make his case for a border wall.

The Economic Opportunity Institute said more than 43,000 people dropped their health insurance a year ago in Washington. "It is the most expensive way to get health care".

Health care, De Blasio announced, is now a "right" for anyone who gets sick in NYC. We want to increase the amount of healthcare that people can reach. De Blasio aides told the NY Times that the NYC Care initiative is simply "something the city could do immediately and on its own".

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