ITunes shows are coming to smart TVs

CREDIT Courtesy of Samsung

CREDIT Courtesy of Samsung

Apple (AAPL) is not known for sharing. And should the much-rumoured Apple video streaming service subsequently arrive, it now looks like it will land on smart TVs in a similar fashion.

Apple and Samsung were at war for about seven years over smartphone patents, with Apple accusing its rival of copying the iPhone's design. The company has long prided itself on the tightly controlled universe of apps available on its devices. At one point, Apple wanted Samsung to pay $2 billion, and the case ended up at the US Supreme Court.

Artificial intelligence, ever larger and crisper display televisions, robots and the smart home are all expected to feature heavily among the latest gadgets showcased by companies from around the world.

Normally when you hear Samsung and Apple's name together, it's about bitter rivalry.

If Apple bring its content offerings to more TVs and other streaming products, it may lead to the end of its own streaming box, the Apple TV.

The app, which is launching in more than 100 countries, will be available on current-gen Samsung TVs in the first half of 2019.

There is no word yet on whether Vizio or LG are looking to add the same app to its TVs, but Airplay support will already make it possible to beam videos purchased on iTunes to compatible Vizio and LG TVs.

Samsung followed up the 146-inch Micro LED "The Wall" 4K TV announced previous year with a smaller, more appropriately sized 75-inch display featuring the same high-quality imagery.

After that warning, which wiped 7.5% off the company's shares, Apple told investors that one ray of light was the company's services division, which includes revenue from the App Store, iCloud online services, and Apple Music and the iTunes stores. Although service revenues for Apple reached an all-time high of $10 billion during the fourth quarter, most of Apple's revenue still comes from device sales. The surprise announcement made today has wider implications to Apple's content service as well as future plans for the Apple TV hardware. A partnership with Samsung could help it get that service in front of more eyeballs, including people who might not own Apple phones or tablets.

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