US Troop Withdrawal Will Help Further Afghan Peace: Qureshi

Trump To Pull Half Of Troops From Afghanistan: Report

Afghans To Trump: Your Troop Withdrawal Plan Could Derail Peace Process

The drawdown, if confirmed, would follow Trump's decision to completely pull all US forces out of Syria.

Mr. Trump announced Wednesday that he would pull all of the more than 2,000 American troops from Syria.

If the few thousand foreign troops that advise, train & assist, leave it will not affect our security, in the past four & half years our security is completely in the hands of Afghans and the final goal is that ANDSF will stand on their feet to protect & defend soil on their own.

Trump´s decision apparently came Tuesday as Khalilzad met with the Taliban in Abu Dhabi, part of efforts to bring the militants to the negotiating table with Kabul.

"The concerns circulating in mass media on the future of Afghanistan, were spreading much more than this in 2014", President Ghani's spokesman Haroon Chakhansuri said in a social media message on Friday.

The Trump administration has been looking for a negotiated settlement of the war in Afghanistan, which would include talks with the Taliban. Lindsey Graham (R-Deep State-S.C.) over his opposition to plans to withdraw all US troops from Syria.

"The conditions in Afghanistan - at the present moment - make American troop withdrawals a high risk strategy", Graham tweeted.

Against the advice of many in his own administration, President Donald Trump is pulling US troops out of Syria.

Talking about Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir, the foreign minister said that Pakistan has consistently been raising the issue at all worldwide for a and added that Prime Minister Imran Khan called United Nations secretary general to drew his attention towards the bloodshed in the held-Kashmir. Many critics have said a USA departure would be a betrayal to those fighters, who would face the dangers of a Turkish assault.

The Taliban are fighting to oust foreign forces and defeat the Western-backed Kabul government.

"Considering the decision as a serious USA endgame step, political elites in Kabul will probably aim to close ranks and raise questions about the timing and commitments made to maintain stability", says Omar Samad, a senior fellow at the Washington-based Atlantic Council and former Afghan diplomat.

Mattis has been widely seen in Afghanistan as a guarantor of United States engagement, and his departure would inevitability raise worries in the minds of many Afghan officials. The official said timelines were being discussed but it could happen in weeks or months.

"If you're the Taliban, Christmas has come early", a senior foreign official in the Afghan capital told AFP on the condition of anonymity.

"Would you be thinking of a ceasefire if your main opponent has just withdrawn half their troops?"

At the media talk on Saturday, Qureshi said a second round of talks was expected soon between the U.S. and Taliban. Observers, however, have warned that the USA withdrawal could have a "devastating" impact on stability in Kabul and any such move would offer Taliban militants a psychological edge in the conflict and propaganda victory.

"I think it's fair to say Americans will remain on the ground after the physical defeat of the caliphate, until we have the pieces in place to ensure that that defeat is enduring", McGurk told reporters on December 11.

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