Microsoft's decision to use google web technology is creating stiff competition

Microsoft откажется от стандартного браузера в Windows

Microsoft Guts Edge, Adds Chromium to Save Failing Browser

Rumors emerged last week that Microsoft was done with developing and maintaining its own rendering engine and that the company would either move Edge to a Chromium-based core or create a new browser based on that.

Google has also developed a web service that uses only Chrome for the simple reason that its engineers have contributed to many networking standards, making it often the first company to adopt new networking technologies. Microsoft Edge won't die but it will be moved from its own platform to Chromium to become a Chromium-based browser. When Edge was released for mobile devices a year ago, Microsoft made the Android version based on Chromium - like nearly every other Android web browser.

As part of this development, Microsoft plans to move Edge to a Chromium-compatible web platform, which means all those Chrome extensions you use will now be available for Edge users. In confirming the rumour, the company also said it expected this shift could allow it to introduce Microsoft Edge to macOS.

To take part in early builds of the Chromium version of Edge, head over to the Edge Insider page at Microsoft and give them all your info. Technically, the Edge browser runs on HTML engine and the upcoming version aka Anaheim will be based on V8 Javascript engine while it will simultaneously use the blink rendering engine as well.

The tech giant Microsoft has in its most used and the latest version of Windows, of course, I am talking about none other than the Windows 10 the center of all its projects in terms of operating systems. So Edge will likely look more or less as it does now but with certain differences based on the new engine.

Microsoft will also be releasing a special version of Edge for macOS at some point in the future. The company has famously removed a Chrome installer from the Microsoft Store and continuously provided pop-ups and blockers to try and sway users from ever installing Chrome on their Windows 10 machine.

It's official - Microsoft is breaking up with the Edge browser. Edge was a major improvement from Internet Explorer, but it appears that Chromium will make things even better.

As of now, Microsft Edge is not going to be obsolete and it will continue with the new one for a few months.

Preview builds are "expected" to be released starting in "early 2019". Further, this app will not be in the Microsoft Store and will be serviced outside of that platform.

The announcement by Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Windows at Microsoft, might be considered to be a big concession to Google's browser market dominance with its Chrome browser. A rising tide raises all ships, as they say, and maybe now people won't rush to install Chrome as soon as you get a new computer.

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