'Far Cry: New Dawn' Cover Teases Return To Montana



The new Far Cry apocalypse game, which was teased briefly earlier this week, has been leaked in more detail ahead of the The Game Awards 2018 if this box art is legit.

Yesterday, following some leaks, Ubisoft unveiled Far Cry New Dawn to the world, a spin-off Far Cry game that takes place after the events of Far Cry 5. We also get to see the Father from Far Cry 5 who is regretting his decision to change the world.

Far Cry New Dawn will launch February 15th for Dollars $39.99.

Far Cry: New Dawn will be centered around an outpost named Prosperity that you'll be able to build out over the course of the game.

Beware of Far Cry 5 spoilers below.

Ubisoft is announcing 'Far Cry: New Dawn' via a new trailer.

A new threat has entered appeared after the devastation, a group called the Highwaymen lead by The Twins, Mickey and Lou, have started to descend on Hope County taking all available resources for themselves. There is just a lot more overgrowth and the locals are a lot more violent. Naturally, there are some major spoilers for Far Cry 5's ending ahead, but if you're anxious about ruining it, know that the ending isn't necessarily something you'd want to experience first-hand.

Weapons and crafting: every item owned in America is now makeshift, and therefore highly personalised. You'll also get the chance to rate their performance. As you did with the resistance in Far Cry 5, you will need to acquire and battle for resources to increase the strength of your allies. Almost two decades later, nature has enthusiastically reclaimed what humankind lost - New Dawn presents the most lush and inviting apocalypse imaginable.

Players won't just encounter new friendly creatures in the newly irradiated Montana though, with the fallout mutating once-harmless wildlife into unrecognisable and terrifying new foes.

The Game Awards 2018 was packed with brand new trailers, new game reveals, and exciting announcements about games new and old.

We've yet to give it a go, but it's interesting to see Ubisoft stick to its tradition of releasing experimental titles under the Far Cry banner.

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