Maid At Trump National Golf Course Admits She’s Illegal

'We are tired of the abuse': Undocumented immigrant reveals that she and others have worked for Trump for years

Trump's New Jersey Golf Resort Employs Illegal Immigrants

Morales, who spoke to the Times directly, told the newspaper that she understood that she could be fired and deported but felt she had to speak out.

"Ms. Morales has had an unusual window into one of the president's favorite retreats", The Times continues.

An undocumented migrant who has been working at Donald Trump's golf course since 2013 says she's sick of the "abuse", "insults" and "humiliation" from her boss.

Trump has called for a crackdown on immigrants living in the country illegally. "They were coerced into doing work they didn't want to do". There is no reason that a customer or Trump would be able to differentiate between a legal H-2B worker and an illegal worker.

CNN's Don Lemon said the thing that many Americans were feeling Thursday night regarding a recent report of undocumented workers employed by the Trump Organization. He called for a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border, mass deportations of the undocumented, and an expansion of E-Verify, the federal government's online tool to check whether employees are legally eligible to work.

Morales, as it turns out, is an undocumented immigrant who entered the United States in 1999. "Those that are found to have falsified information will not be eligible for employment", the handbook stated.

When Trump visited the club, Morales was told to wear an American Flag pin adorned with a secret service logo while she cleaned his toilet or dusted his golf trophies.

Morales kept silent for the first two years of Trump's presidency, despite remarks that hurt her. And after a problem was discovered with her old phony documents, the Times reported that a club supervisor directed her to an employee who helped her obtain new phony ones. "They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people".

Since his election, Trump has pushed for passage of his "Four Pillars" immigration reforms, which would curb legal and illegal immigration, so pushing up wages for hotel maids and every other blue-collar person. Trump's business empire had a stake in running, until previous year.

For example, Trump's deputies have successfully blocked bipartisan effortsto greatly expand the H-2B program for seasonal visa workers, including hotel workers such as Ms. Morales.

Victorina Morales and Sandra Diaz approached the New York Times with their stories through an immigration lawyer.

Morales and Diaz approached The New York Times through their New Jersey lawyer, Anibal Romero, who is representing them on immigration matters.

When Trump began his presidential campaign, a manger told Morales she would no longer be working in Trump's house. According to the Times, Morales has applied for protection under asylum laws and is exploring a lawsuit claiming workplace abuse and discrimination. Diaz explained, "There are many people without papers".

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