Google removes 2 popular Android apps that enabled click fraud

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China is believed to be the biggest source of Apple's app revenue Credit AP

By July 2018 Sharma warned wireless carriers that if Apple's iPhone didn't provide India's anti-spam app as requested that they could be called upon to delist and deregister the iPhone from their networks. Along with helping users to report unwanted calls or messages to their service providers, the app will help in identifying the unregistered telemarketing callers. This would also be meant to authorize an expensive in-app purchase via Touch ID.

Earlier this year, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India threatened to render iOS devices in the country useless, because of a dispute involving the implementation of a Do Not Disturb app for the platform.

The name of the app that has been made available to iPhone users today is TRAI DND - Do Not Disturb.

The lawsuits said that the Cupertino, a company from California is exerting more control over this process which includes a requirement like price should end by.99 as well the apps of iPhone should only be available through AppStore.

Out of the list, Battery Doctor and CM Launcher apps were also removed by Cheetah Mobile last week itself. That's one of the most downloaded apps in the Play Store-removing it for fraud could force Cheetah Mobile to get its house in order.

The gist of Flutter is that app developers will be able to write the code of a new app in Flutter and then that app will run not only on Android but on iOS as well. On Apple TV, Sweat has given the award for the most popular app. It's not clear whether Apple agreed to settle on giving TRAI access to all call logs and texts or if TRAI settled on the things Apple agreed upon to avoid a ban.

This can be done with spam SMS as well, through a "report message" option just below an SMS from any sender that is not in your contact list. Fortnite, Helix Jump and Rise Up were the top games of the year on the App Store, followed closely by PUBG Mobile, which won the best game of the year on Android.

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Do Not Disturb will allow Indian users to report and bar texts and unwanted calls from a given number.

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