7.0 magnitude natural disaster triggers Tsunami warning in Alaska

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Alaska was the site of the nation's most powerful quake ever recorded.

One of the most powerful quakes ever recorded, measuring 9.2 on the magnitude scale, hit Anchorage in 1964.

Anchorage police report several roads and bridges were closed and assessments were underway.

"One of those earthquakes, a magnitude 7.8 quake near Lituya Bay, Alaska, in 1958, triggered a landslide that sent water 1,720 feet up an adjacent mountainside, one of the highest recorded run-ups of a tsunami", the USGS says.

Videos before and after the quake struck show people inside a courtroom ducking under tables for cover and also show the destruction to a local TV station. He said while they are described as aftershocks, they are still considered earthquakes.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski said the authorities were anxious about access to power following the quake.

The University of Alaska Anchorage closed its campus on Friday after the quake, urging all nonessential personnel to leave and warning people to stay away from the campus. "You have been hit hard by a 'big one, '" Trump tweeted.

The state averages 40,000 earthquakes a year, with more large quakes than the 49 other states combined.

Linton Thompson, the principal of Sand Lake School, was at a training with 50 other elementary school principals at Wayland Baptist Church when the natural disaster began.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, said the main roadways around Anchorage may not be repaired until spring, which could hurt areas of the state dependent on the city as a port of entry for essential goods and services. A ground stop held up flights coming into Anchorage's global airport.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin released a statement that her "family is intact" but her "house is not".

The hope is that the Shake Alert early warning system in place in Washington will assist in some way, providing people with up to a minute's warning before an impending quake.

Police said there was no looting in the aftermath of the quake. She grew up in California and was familiar with earthquakes "but this was next-level", she said. A damaged off ramp near Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport drew a string of spectators.

"My husband sort of crawled across the room and threw himself on top of me and we crawled to the bathroom together and waited it out in the doorway and waited out the aftershocks". "We can't even get into our studio right now".

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