Switch Just Had the Best Sales Week in Nintendo History

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Ultimate next week, should give the Nintendo Switch an opportunity to dominate. On top of that, it was the single best week for any Nintendo console ever in the United States.

The Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday offer is sure to please many people online today, as they snap up deals while completing some of their holiday shopping.

As reported by Nintendo, the Switch became the best-selling Nintendo console in US history over that five-day period, with holiday sales increasing by 115 percent on 2017.

Still, the current Switch sales number is nothing to scoff at. This will definitely help the company reach its desired 20 million units sold worldwide mark. Their current console, the Switch, drove Nintendo to a weekend that aw them sell $250 million worth of product. Zelda, Mario, and Smash Bros. typically end up dominating players' minds, leaving little room for anything else. Ultimate game, launching on December 7.

Hardware sales grew 115% compared to the same period in 2017.

Other consoles such as the Nintendo 3DS, NES Classic Edition, and Super NES Classic Edition helped Nintendo increase hardware sales this weekend by 45 percent year-over-year.

Upon launch previous year, Super Mario Odyssey received plaudits from fans and critics alike, shifting console units and eventually becoming the best-selling Switch release on a global scale, having sold some 12 million copies.

Thanks in part to strong Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday sales, the total installed base for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems has hit 22 million.

The SNES Classic Edition system surpassed lifetime sales of 2.5 million. "[This demonstrates] that Nintendo has something for everyone this holiday season".

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