First Lady Melania Trump Receives Standing Ovation at Liberty University

Weather prompts South GA cities to cancel Christmas parades

Several cities in Southwest Georgia are cancelling their Christmas parades because of weather

The sights and sounds of the season made their grand appearance Wednesday evening with the lighting of the National Christmas Tree near the White House.

But if Trump thought this year's decorations would escape ridicule, she's wrong.

The first lady said she's talked with Barron about the dangers of opioids and other drugs.

Trump spoke at a forum at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, to raise awareness about the opioid epidemic, one pillar of her "Be Best" initiative.

First ladies, like their president husbands, have never been exempt from public criticism, however unfair or unkind.

For those of you who fancy an even more festive feel, Argos is selling a snow-laden version for £37.50 and with five stars online - it's certainly proven a hit with parents in recent years.

But the event was aimed mostly at discussing the United States opioid epidemic and she said she had taught her son "what is right, what is wrong".

"We are in 21st century and everybody has a different taste", she said.

The first lady revealed the White House holiday decorations in a video Monday showing her strolling the East Wing, which is bordered by the crimson, berry-laden trees. With a smile, she added: "I think they look fantastic". "I teach him to be responsible and treat people with respect and kindness, and that's very important for me".

"Welcome to Christmas at the House of Horrors", wrote @ellievan65.

One part of the first lady's "Be Best" initiative is about fighting opioid abuse.

She will later take questions from the town hall audience of Liberty University students, her spokesperson Stephanie Grisham told CNN.

"We must commit to remove the stigma of shame that comes with addiction".

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