Jimbo Fisher's Nephew Reportedly the Person Who Punched LSU Analyst Steve Kragthorpe

The 19 most interesting stats from college football’s Week 13

The 19 most interesting stats from college football’s Week 13

According to Gordy Rush, the sideline reporter for LSU radio, the man in the red shirt pictured throwing punches with Faulk was the one who punched Kragthorpe.

Kragthorpe says he will not press charges, but could ask Texas A&M to reimburse any charges related to fixing his pacemaker. That's a lot of time for Orgeron to spend on a sideline soaked in Gatorade. Both teams managed to do just enough to keep the overtime run going, but LSU almost found themselves in trouble in the first one.

Burrow threw a 25-yard touchdown pass to Dee Anderson in triple overtime and Justin Jefferson grabbed the 2-point conversion.

Fourth overtime: Teams trade field goals, 52-52.

It would only take two plays for the Aggies to answer, with Mond tossing up a ball to Kendrick Rogers, who made a miraculous catch in the end zone that immediately became the catch of the college football season.

Fifth overtime: Teams trade touchdowns, missed two-point attempts, 58-58.

Bringing us to the seventh overtime period.

Nearly two hours after LSU dumped Gatorade on their coach in premature celebration, the Texas A&M Aggies prevailed, 74-72. Moments after LSU thought it won and celebrated by giving head coach Ed Oregon a Gatorade bath, the Aggies responded with a game-tying touchdown on the final play.

Both schools are investigating the matter.

The game just rolled through overtimes with the Tigers and Aggies going back-and-forth in a wild finish.

While both Joe Burrow and Kellen Mond have had impressive performances throughout this game, their abilities both as passers and runners were on full display in overtime.

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