New video puts Surface Pro 6 through iPad Pro bendgate test

Apple's iPad Pro gets bent with a slight force

Apple's iPad Pro gets bent with a slight force

Zach Nelson, the guy behind the YouTube channel, JerryRigEverything that is popular for taking phones apart posted a video showing him tearing down an iPad Pro (the teardown is more torture involving a box-cutter, a lighter and other tools rather than systematically taking apart a device piece-by-piece).

Apple's new iPad Pro enables you to connect all manner of devices via its USB-C connector. We're not talking benchmarks of speed here, we're talking durability tests - the iPad Pro was scratched, burned and bent to see what sort of punishment it could take. It doesn't appear that Nelson put much effort into bending the iPad, as you can see in the video.

Remember the iPhone 6 and the painful, gut-wrenching "Bendgate" controversy that followed with it? However, the ease with which the Apple Pencil cracked in half certainly makes it likely to break if you slide it in a pocket and sit down or drop it and then accidentally step on it. That being said, past iPad models have also been shown to bend just as easily as the new model, so it doesn't seem like it's going to actually bend like paper on day-to-day usage. You won't want anyone to sit on it, or have it bend while you're lugging it around in a backpack or suitcase. I'm not defending Apple here but we have to be reasonable too right? On the left side, meanwhile, there's a microphone hole.

In short, Apple's tablet was found to be extremely bendy.

Adding to the fanboy arsenal is Jerry Rig Everything's latest video where the host puts Microsoft's Surface Pro 6 through the same paces it did with the Apple's newly released iPad Pro. If you don't want to shop at Walmart, B&H Photo now has the same iPad for 284.95, and they don't charge tax.

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