Trump Says Of Midterm Losses, 'My Name Wasn't On The Ballot'

Trump reveals how he makes decisions

Trump Grades Himself: 'A+ ... Can I Go Higher Than That?'

"I think I'm doing a great job".

During the Fox interview, Trump gave himself high marks for his performance in almost two years as president, said veterans' concerns had his highest priority and once again left open the possibility that Kelly would be leaving the White House soon.

On the eve of his wide-ranging interview with Fox News, President Donald Trump took to Twitter, as is his wont, to lambast the "fake news" media as "the Enemy of the People".

"I have some tremendously talented people, and I will talk to them, and sometimes I'll have them go at each other - I do like that, let them go at each other - and they do".

He expressed pride in the Republican Party's ability to keep the Senate in the midterm elections, and suggested that losing the GOP majority in the House of Representatives doesn't reflect on his presidency.

Wallace pressed Trump on this point, but the president refused anew to repeat some version of George W. Bush's 2006 admission of suffering a "thumping" or Barack Obama's 2010 "shellacking" assessment.

The president added: "But we had come in very late at night and I had just left, literally, the American Cemetery in Paris". I've had an unbelievable busy schedule and I will be doing it, on top of what you have those phony witch hunts. Trump said, later noting, "My name wasn't on the ballot".

"I have people that won't vote unless I'm on the ballot, OK?"

"I won the Senate, and that's historic too, because if you look at presidents in the White House, it's nearly never happened where you won a seat", Trump said.

The current economic boom is overshadowed at times by Trump's endless controversies.

US President Donald Trump is planning to visit American troops in war zones after being criticized for not paying due attention to Arlington National Cemetery.

Whether the topic is politics, business or entertainment, it is not uncommon for Trump to give himself superlative marks or exaggerate his accomplishments. "And I did last year, and I will virtually every year". Among other things, Whitaker has said, "The truth is there was no collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign". "But I need flexibility", he said. "We did a lot of calling, as you know".

"People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular". "I was extremely busy on the calls for the country". "It's an innocent form of exaggeration - and a very effective form of promotion".

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