South Korea’s Kim Jong Yang named Interpol president in blow to Russia

Interpol confirmed Kim Jong-yang as its new president

Interpol confirmed Kim Jong-yang as its new president

A stream of global critics has called upon Interpol not to proceed with plans to install a Russian candidate as its new president.

Russia's Interior Ministry spokesman Irina Volk, for her part, accused foreign media of running a smear campaign against Prokopchuk, adding that politicising Interpol was "unacceptable".

This election comes after the current president Meng Hongwei disappeared in China and was put under investigation for alleged corruption.

Russian Federation levied new charges against US -born investor and Kremlin critic Bill Browder, stepping up a quest that has gotten little traction in the West with a call to the investigate claims shareholders in his fund used illegal profits from Russian Federation to fund contributions to the Democratic Party.

The German government was loathe to comment officially on the matter, however a series of German politicians from most major parties made it clear that Prokopchuk would not be a welcome appointment.

Browder and another prominent Kremlin critic warned Tuesday that electing Prokopchuk- who has ties to President Vladimir Putin- would have undermined the worldwide law enforcement agency and politicized police cooperation across borders.

Meng is a senior Chinese security official as well as president of the International Criminal Police Organisation. But both said they were motivated to speak out because many other less well-known campaigners would be silenced if governments are allowed to export repression.

In the Commons, Sir Vince called on the Government to campaign against Mr Prokopchuk.

Ukraine, deeply at odds with Moscow over its annexation of Crimea and support for separatists, threatened to pull out of Interpol if Prokopchuk prevailed. Interpol also says it enhanced the work of an appeals body for those targeted with red notices.

British Foreign Office minister Harriet Baldwin told parliament that London would support Yang's bid.

US National Security Council spokesman Garrett Marquis echoed the endorsement for Kim.

Russia accuses Kremlin critic Bill Browder of ordering murder of his own lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also officially endorsed Kim Jong Yang, now serving as interim president.

A bipartisan group of US senators has written to Interpol to warn against the appointment of Prokopchuk, describing it as "akin to putting a fox in charge of a henhouse".

"Russia routinely abuses Interpol for the objective of settling scores and harassing political opponents, dissidents and journalists", they wrote, saying Prokopchuk has been "personally involved" in this strategy.

The allegations are the same as those made by a Kremlin-linked lawyer at a controversial 2016 meeting with top Trump campaign officials, including his oldest son Donald Trump Jr., that's a key element of accusations that Russian Federation helped to elect Trump as US president.

Two prominent Kremlin critics targeted with arrest held a joint press conference to denounce the idea, saying they wanted Russian Federation kicked out of the organization.

Bill Browder, who runs an investment fund that had once operated in Moscow, and oligarch-turned-dissident Mikhail Khodorkovsky told reporters in London that Putin has tried to use Interpol to hunt down critics such as themselves.

The White House and its European partners had lobbied against Alexander Prokopchuk's attempts to be named the next president of the policing organization, saying his election would lead to further Russian abuses of Interpol's red notice system to go after political opponents. "We intend to begin a legal process to have Russian Federation suspended from their use of Interpol".

The Kremlin said on Tuesday that public opposition by a group of USA senators to the Russian candidate amounted to election meddling.

Based in the French city of Lyon, Interpol is a clearinghouse for police agencies around the world, helping them cooperate outside their borders.

In 2016, Interpol introduced new measures aimed at strengthening the legal framework around the red notice system. The New York Times reported that former colleagues of Mr. Prokopchuk regard him as well qualified, "and members [of the General Assembly] are encouraged to vote for the individual, not the country".

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