YouTube Introduces Free, Ad-Supported Movie Streams

YouTube Now Streams Ad-Supported Movies Including ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘Rocky’

Google is letting users watch full free, ad-supported movies on YouTube

"Can we do ad-supported movies, free to the user?" It has been possible to purchase movies from YouTube for some time, but until now there has been no (legal) way to access movies for free.

YouTube has begun rolling out a selection of Hollywood films that are available to watch for free for all users. You can see the selection of movies and television shows that YouTube has available in their dedicated section right here.

The move makes plenty of sense for studios looking to eke a few more pennies out of their older back catalogs, and for YouTube wanting more appealing content for its platform.

The new free streaming facility also "presents a nice opportunity for advertisers", Dhawan said.

YouTube Now Streams Ad-Supported Movies Including ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘Rocky’

YouTube earns revenue from the movies through advertisements, instead of charging customers to view the movies.

However, starting in October this year, the online streaming service quietly launched a channel allowing free streaming ─ supported by ads ─ of a limited number of films. YouTube's director of product management, Rohit Dhawan, says that eventually there could be a way for advertisers to pay to sponsor movies, but it's unclear exactly how that will work at this time.

YouTube also offers episodes and seasons of popular TV shows, like AMC's "Better Call Saul", NBC's "The Good Place" and the classic first edition of Star Trek at $US2.99 per episode, or $US9.99 to $US14.99 for the complete season.

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