N Korea’s ceremonial head of state to embark on three-nation visit

China's President Xi Jinping speaks during the APEC CEO Summit 2018 in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea on Nov. 17 2018

China's President Xi Jinping speaks during the APEC CEO Summit 2018 in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea on Nov. 17 2018

In a positive sign, North Korea announced later that it would deport a USA citizen who had been detained since October after being accused of entering the country illegally from China at the behest of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The geopolitical landscape around the Korean peninsula has shifted dramatically since previous year when US President Donald Trump threatened to rain "fire and fury" on the nuclear-armed North Korea.

Unlike the United States and Japan, which call for the strict enforcement of U.N. sanctions on North Korea until it denuclearizes, China favors an easing of the sanctions in view of recent positive developments.

The man, identified as Lawrence Bruce Byron, had been in custody after crossing into North Korea from China on October 16, the official Korean Central News Agency said.

In the meantime, while negotiations on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula continue, the North Korea regime has tested a new "high-tech" weapon.

Kim Jong Un had later in the day agreed to a second summit with President Donald Trump at the "earliest possible date".

The U.S. State Department doubled down on their trust in the country, saying in response to the new test, that the U.S. remains confident that promises made will be fulfilled.

The North's decision matches its general push for engagement and diplomacy with the United States this year after a string of weapons tests in 2017, and a furious US response, had some fearing war on the Korean Peninsula.

In November 2017, a 58-year-old man from Louisiana was caught in South Korea after spending two nights in the woods in a civilian-restricted area near the border with North Korea. This list would include Chinese financial institutions, businesses and officials involved in trading with North Korea that could be subject to future sanctions.

Pyongyang has positioned a large assortment of conventional weapons within striking distance of the South Korea capital.

Washington's talks with Pyongyang stalled last week when North Korea abruptly canceled a scheduled meeting with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo amid USA efforts to maintain sanctions while engaging in diplomatic negotiations with the country.

He was "indifferent" to the rule of Kim Jong Un, the third generation of the Kim family to lead the North, and had no interest in how his friends felt about it. North Korean officials said they had footage of him trying to steal a political banner that was hanging on the wall in his hotel.

While we don't know what the North Korean mystery weapon is, some experts who study the hermit kingdom believe it is probably some sort of new multiple-rocket launch system. Eugene Lee, spokeswoman of South Korea's Unification Ministry, declined to comment on Kim's inspection of the weapons test. Yang Wook, a Seoul-based military expert, said a "tactical weapon" in North Korea refers to "a weapon aimed at striking South Korea including USA military bases" there, so the North may have tested a short-range missile or a multiple rocket launch system. Snap back refers to the restoration of lifted sanctions if North Korea falls short of reaching its denuclearization agreements. He added that the weapon is just like a posthumous weapon and he missed Kim Jong-il very much while seeing the great success of its test. He stressed that United Nations sanctions had to remain enforced.

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