Khashoggi Murder Investigation Conclusions Not Near, State Dept. Claims - President Trump Briefed

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World by Web Desk | Published

He pointed to the measures the U.S. government announced Thursday against 17 Saudi Arabian officials for their alleged role in the Khashoggi murder, including Saud al-Qahtani, a chief adviser to MbS. "Because it's a suffering tape, It's a bad tape".

"Recent reports indicating that the USA government has made a final conclusion are inaccurate", State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement on Saturday. "And, we will do that while maintaining the important strategic relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia", Nauert underlined.

Maas said the move was "coordinated very closely with" states France and Britain and the broader European Union as they seek more information in Khashoggi's death last month in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

A Republican member of the Senate intelligence committee said that so far, there is no "smoking gun" linking the crown prince to the killing. Sen. But Trump denied the CIA has made a judgment, saying November 17 that the intelligence agency hasn't "assessed anything yet".

Saudi Arabia says Khashoggi was killed as the result of a rogue operation.

US President Donald Trump has described a Central Intelligence Agency assessment blaming Prince Mohammed for the killing as "very premature" and said he would receive a complete report on the case tomorrow. Trump had already been shown evidence of MBS's alleged involvement and privately remains skeptical, aides say. In fact, I said to the people 'should I?' They said 'you really shouldn't. He said the report will include "who did it".

"In due course, the European Union and its member states will consider how they can act together towards appropriate measures against those responsible, in support of the rules based global system", she added.

But they have also stressed the importance of Washington's ties with Riyadh, one of the biggest clients of the USA defense industry.

President Trump said on Saturday Saudi Arabia was "a truly spectacular ally in terms of jobs and economic development".

For more than a month, Trump has struggled to balance his interest in maintaining strong relations with the Saudi government with growing pressure in Congress and around the world to punish the Saudi regime.

However, Khashoggi's death signifies that Saudi Arabia cannot only threaten but kill those who speak out against the country's actions and policies.

The killing and the global uproar it triggered have frayed ties between Washington and longtime ally Riyadh, which has sought to end discussion of the murder and rejected calls for an worldwide investigation.

The Trump administration has struggled to deal with the murder of Khashoggi. His Fox interview was recorded before news of the CIA's findings emerged and he said his administration's verdict was imminent.

Khashoggi disappeared after a visit to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2 to obtain papers for his imminent marriage.

Khashoggi, who had been critical of Mohammad's policies, had lived in the United States in self-imposed exile.

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