Kansas natives lose home in California wildfire

Smoke from the Woolsey fire shrouds parts of Malibu Calif. A firefighter from South Kitsap Fire and Rescue has been injured at the Woolsey fire

Utility Company That May Be On The Hook For Camp Fire: Cost of Damages Exceeds Our Insurance Coverage

No outdoor exercise. This is how Californians are trying to cope with wildfires choking the state, but experts say an increase in serious health problems may be nearly inevitable for vulnerable residents as the disasters become more commonplace.

Ron Waterbury, who lost his home in Paradise, watched news about Trump's visit on a TV set outside a Red Cross shelter in Chico.

Butte County voted for Trump.

Trump, of course, blamed forest mismanagement in a tweet last week, which led to widespread condemnation.

"(Governor) Jerry (Brown) and I have been speaking, and (Governor-elect) Gavin (Newsom) and I have now gotten to know each other.

"I think by maybe seeing it he's going to be like 'Oh my goodness, ' and it might start opening people's eyes", she said.

President Donald Trump landed in Northern California Saturday to tour the damage wrought by the state's worst-ever wildfire, pressing his argument that the state's forests must be managed more aggressively to prevent future disasters.

Still, she said that if she met him, she would say, "Think about what you're saying, because it takes away from all the good stuff you're doing".

"He's going to get these guys, and no pun intended, get a fire under them", he said, referring to state officials in California.

The confusion stems from the difficulty authorities face putting together a tally of the missing as they pore through hundreds of reports filed by people who could not reach loved ones in the aftermath of a blaze that spread with astonishing speed last week.

A list of missing people ballooned from 130 names to almost 300 names within hours Wednesday, the Mercury News reported, and reached more than 600 names by late Thursday. He received a call earlier this week that his father's remains might have been found and now will go to California to provide a DNA sample. "As the utility is viewed as a key vehicle to California's clean energy goals, we still expect modest support from legislative constituents to keep the utility financially solvent". "The president came, he saw and I'm looking forward over the next months and beyond to really understand this threat of fire, the whole matter of drought and all the rest of it". "This is a massive undertaking".

Some survivors said that by the time they got warnings, the flames were already extremely close, and they barely escaped with their lives.

Some listed have likely survived but not yet notified family or authorities, either because they lack phone service or were unaware anyone was looking for them, authorities said. Price had been presumed missing but was tracked down at a shelter.

CAL Fire and the Ventura County Fire Department and the Ventura County Sheriff's Office are investigating both blazes. The home had burned down to its concrete foundation.

"It was so insane, I started crying in front of everybody", Price's daughter, Monica Whipple, said as she heard the news.

Family members remembered her personality, her wonderful heart and great smile, he said. "It's been a pretty emotional 24 hours".

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