Protectionism 'Doomed To Failure': China's Xi Says In Swipe At US

A women's shelter in Goroka Papua New Guinea

A women's shelter in Goroka Papua New Guinea Oct. 26

Pence warned Saturday that U.S. sanctions and pressure on China would remain in place until Beijing reforms its trade practices.

According to the AP, a US official told reporters traveling with Pence that the vice president had had a "pull-aside" meeting with Chang, though he failed to provide any further details about the content or length of the meeting.

Speaking after Xi, US Vice President Mike Pence told the summit that Washington will not change its approach until Beijing changes its own trade policies.

The pair have imposed tariffs worth billions of dollars of each other's goods and there is little sign of an immediate easing in tensions, with both sides threatening to step up action if necessary.

"And just like America, always put your country first", he said, adding that the United States was a better investment partner. But Pence stressed Saturday that the US won't back off.

The anti-protectionism sentiment was also echoed by the Chinese president, Xi Jinping.

"History has shown that confrontation, whether in the form of a cold war, a hot war or a trade war, will produce no winners", Xi said to applause.

Baron Waqa, president of Nauru, told Trudeau that tsunamis, earthquakes and cyclones have created enormous losses for the economies of smaller island states, while a rising sea level shrinks their territory and increases water salinity that effects their food security.

The shadow of protectionism and unilaterism is hanging over global growth, Xi said, joining his global counterparts in urging free trade.

The port city is effectively on lockdown with a heavy police presence and warships from the US, Australia and New Zealand patrolling offshore.

Global leaders must promote free trade, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Saturday.

Xi's comments follow months of a trade dispute between the United States and China, with each imposing tariffs on the other's goods.

China has denied that USA companies are forced to transfer technology and sees US demands on rolling back its industrial policies as an attempt to contain China's economic rise.

Xi, who spoke before Pence, anticipated numerous US criticisms in his speech.

"The rules made should not be followed or bent as one sees fit and they should not be applied with double standards for selfish agendas", Xi said. He said the USA was working to improve relations with Beijing, and pointed to Trump's upcoming meeting with Xi as an opportunity for progress.

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