PUBG officially announced to be free for Xbox Game Pass users

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is headed to Xbox Game Pass

Fortnite Among The 15 Xbox Games To Support Mouse & Keyboard Inputs

In addition, Microsoft also announced that it plans to acquire two game development studios, Obsidian Entertainment and inXile Entertainment.

Microsoft also said that in order to have the best mouse and keyboard experience for Xbox One, gamers should use "Designed for Xbox" mice and keyboards.

Fortnite will receive keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One starting November 14, according to Epic Games' Nathan Mooney, who announced the news at the XO18 event on Saturday. The first announced Xbox One game titles to receive peripheral support include Fortnite, Warframe, and Minecraft, with many more games planned for future compatibility.

Now, PUBG devs have made the official announcement that PUBG is coming to Xbox Game Pass. Moving forward, playing with a keyboard and mouse will be officially allowed.

To show how seriously they are taking keyboard and mouse support, Xbox have also teamed up with Razer to release a wireless keyboard and mouse, compatible with the console. The free-to-play battle royale game is pretty much one of the hottest digital properties on the market right now and it offers a control system that works extremely well with mouse and keyboard.

Launched in the USA last month, the Xbox Skill for Cortana and Alexa allows gamers to get more done using just their voice.

Xbox One's November update has begun rolling out to users worldwide.

It's not just the consoles that we like to cover with our Black Friday Xbox One deals coverage. For instance, Cortana will now automatically discover and pair your Xbox, removing the need to log in. So persumably, you don't have to worry about being destroyed if you're using a controller.

Amazon Music is launching a brand-new app for Xbox One in the US on November 14th, with availability in more countries coming soon. If you go out and buy a brand new Xbox One X today you can expect to pay around $470 for it.

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