Fire officials say 177 homes have burned in Woolsey Fire

Terrifying Video Shows People Fleeing Raging California Wildfires. Credit Brynn Chattfield

Terrifying Video Shows People Fleeing Raging California Wildfires. Credit Brynn Chattfield

All told, more than 8,000 firefighters battled three large wildfires burning across almost 1,040 square kilometres in Northern and Southern California, with out-of-state crews continuing to arrive and gusty, blowtorch winds making their return.

She, her husband and six others rode out the fire in a tunnel a short distance up the road as the fire burned the hillsides above and all around them.

Firefighters are battling raging fires at both ends of the state, but there is little hope of containing the flames anytime soon.

Statewide, 25 have died in the California wildfires, which include the Camp fire in Butte County that razed the city of Paradise. Paradise, a community of 27,000 people north of Sacramento, was nearly completely wiped out by the fire after it engulfed the area on Thursday.

NASA has been tracking California's late-season wildfires with its Earth-watching Landsat 8 and Terra satellites since the Camp Fire began on Thursday (Nov. 8).

"We're somewhat devastated", Bengston said.

Two more people were killed in the southern fire, near Malibu.

Paradise was completely leveled by the fires, with 90% of its structures reportedly destroyed.

Reports suggest over 180 homes have been lost in the Woolsey fire, which is still threatening several properties in Agoura, Topanga, Hidden Hills, West Hills, Calabasas, and Malibu, which has been under mandatory evacuation since Friday.

Two people have been found dead in Malibu while the Woolsey Fire continues to torment Ventura and Los Angeles counties.

Among the towns under evacuation orders is Thousand Oaks, where a gunman killed 12 people in a rampage on Wednesday.

You can also donate to various fire departments directly, including the Los Angeles Fire Department, and the Red Cross is providing help to those in need.

The count of lost structures in both Southern California fires climbed to almost 180, authorities said. Wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour were expected through Monday, conditions similar to when the fire started Thursday and quickly overtook Paradise.

Gov. Jerry Brown has requested a major disaster declaration from the president to help California residents affected by November's wildfires get access to extra resources, according to a news release from the governor's office. I'm sitting here with many of you wondering if my home will burst into flames. Please heed evacuation warnings.

Craig Clunies-Ross and his wife had seen wildfires before and they were prepared when it was time to evacuate their Malibu home.

The others are in Southern California - the Woolsey and Hill fires.

Sir Rod retorted: "Mr. President, while people's homes are burning, while lives are being lost & while firefighters are risking their lives, California needs words of support & encouragement, not threats or finger pointing & accusations".

On Saturday, personnel discovered five people's bodies on one street in vehicles overtaken by the fire.

Wearing masks because the air was still heavy with smoke, people sidestepped metal that had melted off of cars or Jet-Skis as they surveyed their ravaged neighbourhoods.

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