Crowd gathers in Rock Hill to protest Trump’s firing of Sessions

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, said he was resigning at the request of US President Donald Trump on Nov 7 2018

Could Sessions resignation be an opportunity for Kris Kobach?

On Wednesday, just a day after the midterm elections, Sessions offered his resignation at the President's request. Rosenstein had the role of supervising the probe because of Sessions' recusal.

The president has repeatedly called the probe into alleged Russian collusion with his campaign a waste of time and money.

Mr Trump has repeatedly pilloried his top law enforcement official since Mr Sessions stepped aside from the Russian Federation investigation in March 2017, allowing his deputy Rod Rosenstein to lead an inquiry that has dogged the White House.

The switch, announced on Trump's Twitter feed, provoked consternation across Washington, where politicians from both sides of the aisle have long warned that political interference in Mueller's work can not be tolerated. They include his former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, and his former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of prosecutors are in the process of writing a final report on the almost 18-month long investigation into Russian meddling during the 2016 election, sources tell ABC News. The new acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker, has a vendetta against those climate investigations into ExxonMobil. Trump has already fired James Comey, the FBI director originally overseeing the investigation.

"We're here because Trump replaced Sessions and installed someone who will do his bidding, who has voiced his hostility to the Bob Mueller investigation", said Mary Melancon, 75, of Tampa.

There were no visible signs of counterprotesters or Trump supporters among the throng that gathered in the plaza on Broadway and Union Street.

"We are facing a continuing assault on our democracy", she said.

Interestingly enough, however, in the same breath, he also said the Supreme Court should have repealed the New Deal and the Affordable Care Act - neither of which would be possible without Marbury. The special counsel's team has been investigating Stone's connection to WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign and whether he had advance knowledge of the group's plans to release hacked material damaging to Democrat Hillary Clinton. The firing of Jeff Sessions will be investigated and people will be held accountable. They also called on House and Senate committees to pursue their own investigations, and for political leaders to denounce any threat to the probe.

Whitaker has indicated to associates that he has no intention of recusing himself from overseeing the special counsel probe.

"It seems clear at this point the president appointed Whitaker to the office explicitly because of Whitaker's published views on how the special counsel's investigation might be contained", said Enevoldsen, 32, a research assistant. In an ethical government, that alone would probably make Whitaker recuse himself as Sessions did.

"Bob Mueller believes in an America run by the rule of law and not a tyrant", she said.

Lucas further explained that while the Democrats will have a majority in the House, they will remain a minority in the upper house of Congress, the Senate, and would likely have to convince at least some Republicans to join them.

It could, but this would spark a constitutional crisis and is unlikely to happen.

Nevertheless he appealed to Republicans not "beholden" to Donald Trump to reign in any attempt to fire Mueller.

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